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August 22nd, 2007, 09:17 PM
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By: Nikki Soarde (http://www.jasminejade.com/m-149-nikki-soarde.aspx)

Alec Frechette and Kira North shared the ultimate loss葉he death of their child. The pain of that loss drove them apart and left them to face mind-numbing grief alone.

Working as a bodyguard for the past seven years, Alec has sought comfort in the arms of some of the wealthiest and most beautiful women in Europe. As a nurse, Kira has sought solace in caring for others. However, the healing is incomplete.

When at last Alec has his fill of every man's fantasy, he returns home to confront his demons葉o confront Kira's wrath and accusations. And in so doing hopefully put his grief預nd his ghosts葉o rest.

But even as Alec and Kira struggle through the layers of anger and resentment, their fragile world is threatened. A serial rapist has been terrorizing Ottawa, and when another young woman is brutally murdered, Alec becomes the prime suspect. Suddenly Kira finds herself fighting to protect the man she has spent seven years hating. Drawn into a web of lies and deceit, she realizes that Alec isn't the only man in her life who isn't at all what she believes him to be.