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August 24th, 2007, 01:25 PM
Haha, this is a lesson that stresses the importance of planning *g*

http://whitewolfwriting.blogspot.com has the details as to where I've been the last few days.

Or it will once I finish posting this *g* This is an impromptu lesson. Meaning I forgot there are five weeks on my calendar for August so...at eight lessons with two a week.

Anyway, the importance of planning: Your story centers around your heroine and HERO, which is why planning comes into play. Things you'll want to take into consideration regarding writing a Hero from a Hero's POV include:

Thins mentioned before such as archetype, his journey in life, his goal/purpose and then your voice.

Have you planned for his voice? Is he a sweet talker? Who in literature sounds similiar to him? Does yoru male Hero have any similiarities to any of your RL male friends? Speech patterns are important too here. In planning dialogue, it's important to think about the sound of his voice. Men's voices can be rhaspy and whiskey like but they're going to be rougher if your hero is typical. (Typical meaning not bisexual/gay and/or flaming!)

There will be more on this MOnday :)

So far, any questions?