View Full Version : The first draft of Coasting is finished

David Andrews
November 12th, 2011, 08:44 PM
If I were completely honest I would admit that is is really the eleventh time I've written this story, but that means counting the ten versions I wrote in the mid 1970's when I was experimenting with the idea of becoming a writer.
This first draft runs to ninety thousand words and I've printed out a hard copy. It sits on the top shelf of my bookcase for the moment. In a month's time I'll take it down and begin the hard work of turning it into a completed story.
I thought you might be interested in the ships that provided the skeletons on which I created the Kooyonga and the Dargo.
The first picture is that of the M/V Kooringa, the first purpose built cellular container ship in the world, and the second, in her BHP livery, is the S/S Iron Bogong. I'd sailed on both of them before I wrote Coasting the first time. Neither ship is exactly as they appear in the story.
The final two photographs were taken from the bridge wing of a ship larger than the Dargo on a day when the sea was moderately rough. Large bulk carriers are more like half tide rocks than ships.