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Maria-Claire Payne
December 10th, 2011, 12:25 AM
Hi, everyone --


While it's still Friday right now in my time zone, it's Saturday, December 10 in Blissemas land (the U.K.), and I'm Victoria's guest blogger on Blissemas, Day 10!

Not sure what Blissemas is all about? See http://blissemas.co.uk (http://blissemas.co.uk/) for terms, conditions and a list of participating authors. All YOU do is leave a comment for each post -- and YOU may start the New Year with a Kindle! Lots of spot prizes are being given away too!

Today, join me on my blog (http://maria-clairepayne.com/the-sherman-tank-in-my-tree)while I reminisce about the year I found a Sherman Tank in my Christmas tree.
smilies/candycane2.g I'd love to hear what you think, so drop me a note -- and remember: leaving a comment gives you a chance to win that Kindle!

If you missed any days of Blissemas so far, no worries! Just stop by http://blissemas.co.uk (http://blissemas.co.uk/) for a complete list of participants so you can catch up!

See you at my place (http://maria-clairepayne.com/the-sherman-tank-in-my-tree)!


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