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September 2nd, 2007, 12:54 AM
Here is the unofficial excerpt from my first book. Hope you all enjoy it.

They heard a sound from Simone's room. Someone was trying to get in. She stepped closer to Beau, her nerves getting the best of her now that she was with him. Oddly enough, Beau wasn't acting as if this affected him in any way.

“Shit. That's it, play time's over.” Beau grabbed his jeans and shirt.

Simone noticed Beau looked nice in nothing but his black boxers. Her eyes roamed over his body. He was tight in all the right places. His chest was defined with muscles that had been hidden under his shirt and she would love to run her hands across. The hair on his chest was inviting as well, curly and black. She bet it would be soft. There was a line of hair starting below his navel and disappearing beneath his boxers.

His boxers, black silk. She moved her eyes lower to his legs. They were muscular like the rest of him. He was gorgeous. Her eyes wandered back to his boxers. Her mouth was suddenly dry and her chest was tight. She saw the front of his boxers begin to rise and raised her eyes to Beau's. They just stared at one another, neither moving or speaking. She wondered what she could do to see him like that again.

She flushed and finally looked away as he put on his jeans and shirt. She went to the bedroom door and opened it just a crack. The man was trying to get into her room. Not very bright for a killer. Couldn't he tell it was locked?

She made sure her safety was off and stepped into the hallway. As she took aim, Beau rushed past and she heard a grunt then a thump. She couldn't look to make sure he was okay. The person trying to get in her room was now coming straight for her.

“I wouldn't if I were you. You take one more step and your brains are going to be all over my carpet. But hey, it's your choice a**hole.” Her voice was shaky but her hands were steady. The man froze. She moved to the side so she could see Beau and his attacker, or rather attackers, then turned back to the man in front of her. “Smart move, my friend. Now if you'd kindly call your dogs off so my friend can gain his feet I'd appreciate it.”

The man made a motion with his hand and the rustling behind her stopped. She smiled.

“Very good. Now move over to the doorway and take your boys with you.”

She looked over her shoulder and saw Beau holding a gun on two men. Where did he get a gun?

She looked back at her man, “Are there any more with you?”

The man shook his head.

Simone stepped back and motioned for the other two to join the first.

“Get in the room.” She waved the gun in the direction of Beau's room.

They did and, as the door shut, she slid a hidden panel aside and pressed a button. There was a click.

She smiled at Beau, “I had better security installed in the house. Each room is equipped with one of these. If anyone ever gets in and tries to harm me all I have to do is get them in one of the rooms, close the door, push a button and that room is automatically sealed until I call for help. Then I can enter a code and only open the main door to the room.” She pointed to her door, “In this case, the main door is the door to my room.”

She started for the stairs and squealed when Beau grabbed her and spun her around. The look he was giving her frightened her. She could see that his anger was boiling just below the surface. He was scared for her, scared of what could have happened to her. Just like the light of dawn coming through the windows, the truth broke over her.

Beau cared for her.