View Full Version : A Frightful(ly funny) Friday the Thirteenth!

Maria-Claire Payne
January 13th, 2012, 09:23 PM
Hi, everyone!

Please stop by my blog (http://maria-clairepayne.com/blog) today for Frightful Friday smilies/blackcat2.gi with my guest, the wonderful and funny Beverley Oakley. (http://maria-clairepayne.com/frightful-friday-from-down-under-with-beverley-oakley) Beverley discusses some frightening limitations for women in eras past -- and shares a hot, hot, hot excerpt from her historical novel RAKE'S HONOUR (http://www.total-e-bound.com/Historical/Rakes-Honour/p-76-1503/) where her feisty heroine defies those limitations! Beverley also shares her - hilarious! -- writing history with her first romance novel as well as some heart-warming and funny stories from her own straight-out-of-a-novel real-life romance :valentine1: !

Stop on by my place (http://maria-clairepayne.com/frightful-friday-from-down-under-with-beverley-oakley) and meet Beverley -- you'll be glad you did!


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