View Full Version : Manic Minute Monday & eBook Give-A-Way With T.C. Archer

Maria-Claire Payne
February 6th, 2012, 07:26 AM
Who has extra time on Mondays :wacko: ! My guests on Manic Minute Mondays (http://maria-clairepayne.com/manic-minute-monday-with-t-c-archer-mmmhhmmm) during this Funky February are charged with coming up with just ONE (sexy) sentence from one of their books that offers up a tip on how you can make your Monday less manic!

My guest today is T.C. Archer (http://maria-clairepayne.com/manic-minute-monday-with-t-c-archer-mmmhhmmm), and the writing team is once again giving away a copy of one of their eBooks!

So take just a minute out of your manic Monday and stop by my blog (http://maria-clairepayne.com/manic-minute-monday-with-t-c-archer-mmmhhmmm) for one quick sentence sure to make you smile -- and a chance to unwind the way we like best (with a good story!) when you win that eBook!