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Veronica Wilde
September 3rd, 2007, 10:56 PM
Haunted Hollywood Contest!

Yes, it's barely September but I am kicking off a long-running contest now to get my favorite season underway... the season of Halloween.

In honor of my upcoming Hollywood Ghosts from Liquid Silver Books (see below), I am soliciting your spookiest TRUE ghost story. This can be something you personally experienced or something someone you know experienced. Email it to me at veronicawilde@yahoo.com (veronicawilde@yahoo.com) for a chance to win a copy of Hollywood Ghosts.

All through September and October I will post the stories on my website to get everyone in the holiday spirit! (If you don't want yours posted, that's fine too - just tell me so.) I will pick a winner right before Halloween.


Hollywood Ghosts

High in the Hollywood hills is a beautiful Spanish revival mansion that is one of California’s most sinister secrets. Over the decades its luxurious rooms have witnessed multiple movie star deaths and scandals, from suicides to cult rituals to brutal celebrity slayings. And the ghosts who loved being famous in life don’t like getting ignored in death.

But Rachel Dentley, a UCLA student who’s been hired to housesit for four months, doesn’t know any of this. To her the mansion is simply her beautiful new home for the semester ... until phantom bloodstains and ghostly parties scare her senseless. Luckily for her not one but two experts in shining armor offer their assistance – gorgeous filmmaker Lorenzo Cortez and free-spirited parapsychologist, Dr. Zane Sullivan. Lorenzo wants to film a documentary about the house that will launch his career. Zane wants to gather enough evidence of the hauntings to validate his field. And both of them want Rachel for their own.

As the days pass, the haunted house grows more menacing – and the sexual tensions between Rachel, Lorenzo and Zane reach fever pitch. When all three indulge their cravings in a scorching menage, the murderous ghosts intercede with their own agenda – to make Rachel one of them by causing her death.

Warning: M/F/M, bondage, anal sex, graphic sexual situations.


Veronica Wilde
September 25th, 2007, 12:19 AM

Hollywood Ghosts is coming out a little sooner than I expected, so this contest deadline is changing to October 12.

Send in those chiller stories, folks! FlyingWitch

Veronica :)

Veronica Wilde
October 10th, 2007, 10:21 PM
Psst... Tomorrow and Friday are the last days to enter the contest. Friday night is my drawing so send me your story! ;)