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Promo Crystal
February 10th, 2012, 07:52 PM

Wendy Stone's Prisoner of Deception


Layna Castle came from a home that was cold and unfeeling. Her mother was a
vampire, her father was a dead-beat dad that she'd never met. She was sure he
was magical but knew nothing else. She was living on the edge, taking any kind
of job that would pay her rent.

Tynan Staveros worked for the Wolfe family. He was a devoted and loyal
employee until he met Layna. She plagued his thoughts and his libido until
thoughts of his job and the girl he protected became second only to her.

Then Layna's father showed up. He wasn't the dead-beat dad she thought he was
but a visitor from another planet. Will she go with him and ignore her
blossoming love for Tynan? Will Tynan go to her and bring her back to his arms
and tell her of his own feelings? Will she forgive him for making her a Prisoner
of Deception?

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