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February 25th, 2012, 08:37 PM
The second book in my Revolving Point, TX Series, Lydia's Gunslinger, is now available at Amazon.com on the Kindle. Look for the print version to arrive soon at my Amazon page--www.amazon.com/author/julielence

Roth just might reform some of his gunslinging ways when </SPAN>Lydia</SPAN> instigates feeling where there'd been none. </SPAN></SPAN>

Fleeing the abusive headmaster at the </SPAN>St. Louis</SPAN> orphanage, Roth turned to gunslinging as a means for survival. Years of looting and raiding put his face on several Wanted posters, and instilled in him an aversion to settling down. That is, until he meets Lydia Tyler, the woman building the orphanage along the </SPAN>Rio Grande</SPAN>. Although he’s the deputy of </SPAN>Revolving Point</SPAN>, </SPAN>Lydia</SPAN> detests his hardened ways. She’s also got trouble on her hands; a headmaster linked to Roth’s old nemesis. Roth will do everything he can to help </SPAN>Lydia</SPAN>. And convince her he's not as deplorable as his guns suggest. </SPAN></SPAN>

Lydia Tyler has no use for guns and violence. All she wants is to build her orphanage and give her children a safe and loving home. Trouble is, Papa has hired a headmaster without her say-so; an arrogant man who schemes to usurp her authority, a man Deputy Roth despises. When Roth offers to rid </SPAN>Lydia</SPAN> of the troublemaker, </SPAN>Lydia</SPAN> doesn’t approve of his methods. But that doesn’t stop her from melting every time Roth holds her hand. The more she gets to know him, the more she reconsiders his menacing ways. He may be a gunslinger, but the warmth in his gaze hints there's more to him than his pistols. </SPAN></SPAN>

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