View Full Version : The Tesserene Imperative coming soon

September 5th, 2007, 08:57 PM
I finally received the edits for The Tesserene Imperative last night. There turned out to be relatively few of them. I was able to go through the entire 287-page (102,600 word) ms in about four hours today. Most of the edits had to do with punctuation, and were mostly a matter of accepting Patrizia's suggestions to replace semicolons with commas. <g> There was very little rewriting needed, which was great, considering that this was actually my first novel (written a year before The Mars Imperative), even though it's being published second.

Given that there were only a handful of items that needed to go back to the editor for consideration, it shouldn't take long for the publisher to release the PDF ebook version. Then the other ebook formats and the printed book will follow. The printed book may or may not be out this month, but the ebooks certainly should be. We have the ISBN and the cover has been ready for two months.

It won't be long.... :)