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September 6th, 2007, 11:53 AM
Tiana followed James into the cabin and watched him with haunted
eyes as he surveyed the scene. He walked into the only room and
knelt down in front of a pile of sage that had been torn from its
carefully wrapped bundle. Tiana saw an eagle feather, whose tufts
had been torn from the quill, lying next to the messy pile of sage,
and she gasped; she had not seen that before.

"Somebody wants us to believe a non-Indian did this. An Indian would
never desecrate an eagle feather unless they were really stupid and
didn't care about the bad luck that would give them." James said
before moving on.

Tiana looked around the room again. Clothes and towels were
shredded, and someone had taken a knife to the mattress and put long
gaping slashes in it as well. Her heart raced. Whoever wanted it,
they were very intent on getting it.

Just as they were finishing, their survey of the cabin's interior,
they heard Starla's car pull up to the cabin. When she walked in,
Starla smiled when she saw James.

"Well, if it isn't Starla Light. How are you?" He went up to shake
her hand.

"Fine, so did you talk some sense into my friend here?"
That was Starla right to point. Right about now, Tiana wanted to
find something else with a point. Where was a good sharp pin when
you needed one? Then she would cheerfully poke her friend until she
screamed for mercy!

"I'm trying, but she isn't cooperating very much." James grinned
gamely and threw Tiana a wink.

Tiana ground her teeth, her jaw aching. He had always had that
effect on women, even her at one time. Now it just irritated the
hell out of her because she did not see him that way anymore. She
had fallen for the good looks and the ready smile once too, but
never again. Tiana still had to look up at him which irritated her
even more, in fact everything about the man irritated her,
especially the way Starla was making up to him. Tiana rolled her
eyes in disgust. She did not have time for this. If he wanted to
flirt with Starla, she would leave them to it.

"Can we just get on with this? This is not James's Happy Homecoming
party. I don't have time to stand here while you two reminisce. I
need to check on Grandmother," Tiana said, tapping her foot in anger.

Starla walked close to her friend smiling that wide smile at James
again, and said so only Tiana could hear, "If I didn't know better,
I'd think you were jealous."

"Fat chance!" Tiana hissed back.

No way was Tiana jealous; she did not have the time or energy for
it. Between running her gallery and helping her grandmother see to
the needs of sick people, she had more than enough on her plate.

Being a healer in training was tough work, and then there were the
responsibilities that came with being the keeper. No, her life was
full enough without being jealous of Starla and James. However, said
a niggling voice in her mind that just could not resist taunting
her, you know you're jealous as hell, you just don't want to admit
it. It's all fine and good you don't want him for yourself, but you
don't want anyone else to have him either!

As if her life was not complicated enough, her alter ego
reappeared. "Oh, shut up!" Tiana muttered to her inner voice.
Starla just grinned while she and James completed the report. "All
done, dear. You can run along now, if you like," Starla said, her
eyes laughing.

Tiana, still disgusted, did not even answer. She did throw Starla a
dirty look as she walked holding her head high through the front
door and kept her chin lifted until she got into her truck. Gripping
the steering wheel, she thought grimly of how she would have liked
to wipe that smug smile off her friend's face. She had also noticed
a sort of malicious light in Starla's eyes she had never seen before
as if she could not resist taunting her. Now why have I never
noticed that before? If she did not know better, she would think
Starla did not like her at all. In fact, she might think that Starla
was making a play for James. My mind must be playing tricks on me
today, she thought hitting the gas. All these thefts are making me a
nut. Now I'm seeing things that aren't there.

In a burst of flying dirt and gravel, she sped down the hill to her
grandmother. It felt as though all her personal demons had come to
call, and they had come to torment her in the form of James Waters.
Why did he have to return now of all times? she wondered. Just when
her life was getting into order. Or at least she had felt that way
until her gallery had been broken into and vandalized. Then she just
felt violated. And now the cabin too had been violated. When will it

She slowed down, her anger draining from her. It was not Starla's
fault that she was basically a happy person all the time, or that
men seemed to swarm around her like bees to honey. Too bad I can't
be that way, she thought. But men had never swarmed around Tiana.
Since James left the reservation, she had "no trespassing passing"
written all over her. Oh, she had tried a time or two, dating
another man she had also grown up with, even going out with one man
her grandmother had suggested, but found she just did not have it in
her. Those men were not James and it had not been fair to them. Too
bad I can't clone him, and then train him to be how I want.

September 6th, 2007, 01:43 PM
Great one Regina! Thank you for sharing it with us!Twirling