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Promo Crystal
March 14th, 2012, 06:14 PM

Barbara Donlon Bradley's Passionate Desire


Storm and Heatherís story continues...

Kuarto hates getting sucked into the passionate releases of a couple with
whom he has suddenly developed a mindlink. The only time the three of them merge
is when they're climaxing. They can't stay away from each other and it is
interfering with his work.

If things weren't bad enough, a beautiful woman crash lands in his backyard.
He goes to the site to rant and rave, but learns her memory is gone. Until he
can release her memory, he has to explain her presence so has her pretend to be
his mail-order bride. Passion flares between them as he does his best to figure
out who she is.

Toki was sent to speak to Heather's brother, but loses her memory when her
ship crash lands near his house. Memory or not, he is a handsome man and she is
drawn to him. They quickly become intimate and she can't get enough.

By the time her brother and mate come to find her she knows her feelings for
Kuarto are real and she has to choose between a job she has been groomed for all
her life or the man who is her destiny.

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