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Promo Crystal
March 27th, 2012, 09:24 PM

Paige Bennett's "Beautiful Music"


Nyree Grant, a rising singing sensation discovered on YouTube®, longs to meet
a man who can match her in the passion department.

Jack Harris, a successful contractor, has become obsessed with the beautiful
singer after seeing her internet video. He's thrilled when she's set to play
some concerts in his city. His goal is to meet, and to have, the lovely

It is lust at first sight for the two and they soon find that they make
beautiful music together.


K.B. Galore's "The Scoundrel and The Thief"


Arch the Thief is sneaking around the Royal Palace, looking for the Heart
Stone. A monastery is willing to pay for it and its healing powers. All he has
to do is find it in Duchess Nova's bedroom, sneak out of the castle, and enjoy
retirement in a brothel.

His plans go sideways when Duchess Nova catches him and he has to rely on his
quick tongue to get him out of this mess. However, Duchess Nova is no fool and
has her own tricks up her ornate, satin sleeves.

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