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August 14th, 2006, 07:47 PM
Sherrilyn Kenyon

Love at First Bite


Velkan and Retta's Story...

All Dark-Hunters are given an Act of Vengeance in exchange for their service to Artemis. But what happens when your Act of Vengeance is against your husband who just happens to be another Dark-Hunter?

Artemis has a sick sense of humor...

My Big Fat Supernatural Wedding

Fall 06

Raphael and Celena's Story...

How can a Dark-Hunter protect his Squire when the Squire's Council has determined him to be a threat to their world?

Old loyalties are shredded and a new alliance is born...

The Dream-Hunter


Arik's story...

Arik has no soul. He has no compassion.
He has no feelings whatsoever.

In exchange for one human's soul he can be human
for two weeks and experience our world as one of us.
It seems like the perfect bargain

Until he learns what being human really means,
then his dream quickly becomes a living nightmare.

The first full length Dream-Hunter novel

This is the book where you see Ash's heroine

You really meet the Dream-Hunters and find out what's it's like to be a god who lacks all tactile sensations and feelings.

Dark Side Of The Moon
Ravyn was one of the first books I had planned and I've been dying to write this one forever. But I had to wait for certain things to occur before I could get to it. There are a lot of surprises in this one. Things that I thought wouldn't happen for a couple more stories, but I have to say that this is one of my faves to date. Susan and Ravyn grabbed my heart, as did Cael and Nick. I'm constantly amazed by how the DH world grows and this time... it knocked me down. Ash is back, along with Savitar, Stryker and Nick. But one word of caution... fasten your seatbelts.