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April 9th, 2012, 08:44 AM
There is a ton happening this week. Iím telling you, itís jam-packed! So whatís happening? Well, read on and see!

4/8 Suit Up Sunday! Come see the yumminess in suits! Luke Bryan on Wendiís blog and Sean Connery on Meganís!

4/9 Monday Moans on Wendiís blog -> Featuring Youíll Think of Me!
Continuing this week is Meganís review tour for her novella, Believe. Check out the blogs participating: http://goddessfishpromotions.blogspot.com/2012/02/virtual-review-tour-believe-by-megan.html Hereís the dayís linky: http://afterdark.thereadersroundtable.com/ Comment and you can win a $10 GC to Changeling Press!
Wendiís taking both Over My Head and When Youíre With Me on tour this week and next. Today is the first stop at one of my favorite places, Reading Romances. Hereís the link: http://reading-romances.com/ Comment and you can win a $10 GC to Total-E-Bound
Want to follow the tour? Hereís that link, too! http://goddessfishpromotions.blogspot.com/2012/01/virtual-book-tour-strip-tease-tour-by.html

4/10 Tasty Tuesday and Tuesday Studs on the blogs!
Also, itís the second day of Meganís review tour for Believe! Hereís todayís link at Erotica For All: http://eroticaforall.co.uk/
Wendiís second tour stop: http://www.theforbiddenbookshelf.com/
Wendiís also guest blogging over at The Total-E-Bound blog, Hitting the Hot Spot! http://totalebound.blogspot.com/

4/11 Believe Tour stop link: http://www.romancing-the-book.com/
Strip Tease tour stop link: http://www.brewingpassion.com/ with Liz Crowe!

4/12 Believe Tour Stop link: http://wowfromthescarfprincess.blogspot.com/
Strip Tease tour STOPS! YES! Thereís two stops: http://carrieannryan.blogspot.com/ with Carrie-Ann Ryan AND http://www.authorrozlee.blogspot.com/ with Roz Lee!
Also WIP Thursday on Meganís blog!

4/13 Release day for Always! Peter Pan grew up, all right! http://changelingpress.com/product.php?&upt=book&ubid=1813
It's out this week!!!!
So Not Safe for Work Excerpt (R RATED!)

"I've got a better idea." He pulled her into his lap, having her straddle his thighs. "I've been away for too many nights. I owe you so much more than just a tour of a sex club for the Fae to fuck humans. I want you to see I'm all grown up. I want more than a business partner or a lover. I want you."
Wendy trailed her fingertips down his chest. The heat in his groin matched the need settling between her legs. She had to say something to test him one more time. "Don't say what you don't mean. You're not dressed to stick around."
Peter tugged the elastic from her hair and combed his fingers the tangled strands. "That's better. I land on my feet, remember? I'll manage." He sniffed the air. "Do you realize you smell like lemon?"
"Toilet cleaner. Sexy, I know." She rolled her eyes. "If you'd showed up half an hour later, I'd probably smell like the peony shower gel I use."
"I don't know. Lemon can be very sexy on the right woman." He brushed a lock of her hair from her eyes. "You wear it well."
"I do?"
"You wear it very well." He threaded his fingers in the hair at the base of her neck. "Very, very well."
His breath warmed her skin, and she fisted his shirt in her hand. Peter captured her mouth in a kiss. The tingles shot from her lips to her heart, to her toes, and back. His tongue speared between her lips. Wendy sucked on him, simulating sex with his tongue.
Peter broke the kiss first, but didn't relent from her. "You taste like sin," he puffed.
"Sin has a taste?"
"Considering you write about sex, I'd think you'd know."
Friday at the Menagerie with Megan! http://Menagerieauthors.blogspot.com (http://menagerieauthors.blogspot.com/)
Friday Flirts on Wendiís blog! http://wendizwaduk.blogspot.com (http://wendizwaduk.blogspot.com/)
Believe tour link: http://www.lovetoreadforfun.com/
Strip Tease Tour stop link: http://www.toryrichards.com/

4/14 Saturday Hotties at the Menagerie! http://Menagerieauthors.blogspot.com (http://menagerieauthors.blogspot.com/)

All month long:
Meganís being Featured over at the Romance Studio! Come see! http://theromancestudio.com/blue/who10.php
Wendi and Megan are BOTH being featured over at Talking TwoLips! http://www.twolipsreviews.com/content/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=15&Itemid=33 Step on out and check it out!

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