View Full Version : The Office Vixen

September 14th, 2007, 04:36 PM
The office air felt hot and sticky with the heavy June sun beating through the dust covered windows.

Johnny stood up, stretching tired muscles. All around him bobbed a sea of heads within their cubicles, each head transfixed on monitors in front of them. Everyone clicked away frantically on company keyboards, each tap bringing profit and loss to the great boss upstairs—the divine Jenny.

The far door opened and Johnny watched, transfixed, as Jenny sidled into the room. All around the office pool Ipod’s were turned up louder, heads ducked lower. No one wanted to catch the eye of the Boss Goddess. Johnny, unfortunately, was trapped. He’d become ensnared by her sly smile and the glint of forbidden pleasure in her eyes.

Johnny struggled to breathe in an atmosphere suddenly charged with erotic presence. Nervously he chewed the inside of his cheek, trying to hide the stiffness in his pants as she stepped up beside him.

"Hello Johnny," she whispered seductively in his ear. Then, shockingly, she sat in his chair, pulling him in front of her. Heads throughout the pool bowed even lower over their keyboards. "I've waited a long, long time for this."

Frozen by her overpowering aura Johnny felt powerless as her slim delicate fingers splayed against his chest, their coolness seeping through the fabric and making his chest tingle and she slid them down, lower. Lower her touch ignited flames throughout his stomach, tracing a line of desire down the front of his...

“Oh, God!” His gasped exclamation as she reached her prize, slipping her hand into his pants. Each tiny movement of her fingers sent sharp pangs of longing to his very bones.

"This is what I wanted," Jenny sighed contentedly. "And it's so big."

Johnny responded with a muffled grunt, unable to trust himself to speak. His face burned red, flaming in embarrassment and small beads of perspiration gave away the level of his desire.

With calm, slow movements Jenny uncovered it, sliding her fingers up and down the smooth, veiny surface. Johnny shuddered as her hot breath touched the end with passionate promises.

“May I?" she smiled sweetly, knowing his answer but unable to resist this moment to tease. "I would love to do this."

“Ugh." Mindless Johnny agreed, he’d been ensnared in her net and even the presence of a thousand vouyeristic souls couldn’t stop him now.

Smiling again Jenny slowly leaned forward. He saw her soft, wet lips envelope the tip, fasten around its hardness. With a gentle rocking she began to lick and suck, savoring the taste and sensations.

Johnny tensed fighting his intense emotions as she continued. Each of her subtle movements brought her further down until, dear God, until all of it was engulfed.

Suddenly reason won out, Johnny stepped back, ashamed and enraged.

"How could you?" Johnny cried out in desperate throes. Furtive and guilty glances flickered at him from the other cubicles. "How could you do that to me in front of all these people?"

Jenny, unspeaking, delicately wiped chocolate from the corners of her mouth—her look one of pure seductive wickedness.

Johnny, slumped in defeat against his computer.

"I can't do it," he moaned, now no more than a broken shell. "I can't go the whole day without my Snickers."