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Gemma K. Murray
May 1st, 2012, 04:04 PM
Good afternoon! Being a part of the Heartfelt family and the CTR family is a wonderful thing.
Keeper of the Golden Dragon's Heart is my first book.
http://authors.coffeetimeromance.com/gemmakmurray/files/2012/01/Keeper-of-the-Golden-Dragons-Heart-with-title-1314.1912.72-231x300.jpg (http://authors.coffeetimeromance.com/gemmakmurray/files/2012/01/Keeper-of-the-Golden-Dragons-Heart-with-title-1314.1912.72.jpg)

The Upper Peninsula of Michigan seems like it is another country. The rawness and beauty of the land draws people from every walk of life. What most people donít realize is there is a little town nestled on the banks of Lake Superior that an entire group of supernatural beings call home. Shifters of every shape and size live there. They raise their families there. Tourists come from near and far to visit the quaint town of Cedar River, Michigan. The tourists never realize they are walking among some of the most unusual beings on earth. Bowie Golden is a dragon shifter who is in charge of Cedar Riverís safety. Until now, the biggest threat to anyoneís safety was Anastasia Plum, a witch/puma-shifter. She has been the town hellraiser since she was a teenager. Now someone has discovered the secret the residents of Cedar River keep for one another. These radicals are determined to eradicate the entire town. Itís up to Bowie to keep them all safe.
Ana has always idolized Bowie. She may have stirred up trouble from time to time, but Bowie or one of his brothers would always get her out of the trouble she was in. One day, it happened. The unthinkable, the unimaginable occurred. Anastasia Plum fell for the ďgoldenĒ boy. What an unlikely duo- the sheriff and the hellraiser!
Just as these two discover their passion for one another, a group of people is determined to keep them apart. Itís up to Ana to prove that she is the only Keeper of the Golden Dragonís Heart.

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Gemma K. Murray
May 1st, 2012, 04:08 PM
I also happen to be the Coffee Write author here in the CTR forums. Stop by and leave a line or two. Let's see where this story is going to go:)

Gemma K. Murray
May 2nd, 2012, 07:52 AM
How about an excerpt before I head out for the day?

In the woods around Michiganís Lake
Superior is a community unlike any you may have
seen. Cedar River is an old-fashioned town with
mom and pop shops along Main Street. No big
name stores litter our city. We all know each other
by name. We stop to talk to our neighbors on the
street. We wave as we pass each other. We pull
together in times of crisis. We have shared the joys
of life with one another. To pass us on the street,
you would believe we are human. We have
businesses, families, homes and secrets. We are not
human. We are a community of shifters. We may
not always see eye to eye, we do trust one another
to keep each otherís secrets. We have wolves,
dragons, pumas and any other shifter you can
imagine living side by side in our small community.
Humans come to our woods to hunt, fish and camp,
but even they donít know we are different.
Chapter One Ė Ana
My name is Anastasia Plum. Iím the only
living child of a puma shifter and a witch. I grew up
in this incredible community of supernatural beings
on the shores of Lake Superior in the Upper
Peninsula of Michigan. From the tall pines that
grace our forests to the most amazing body of water
I have ever seen, there is no better place on earth.
My earliest memory is of laying my head against
my fatherís chest and hearing him purr. I was three
years old. Two years later, hunters killed my father,
who was hunting in puma form, leaving my mother
to fall into a deep depression. I was twelve when a
spell my mother had worked for a human went
wrong and the person returned in the night to burn
our home to the ground, killing my mother. Looking
back, I think she was ready to meet my father
wherever his soul was wandering, especially since
she was able to get me out of the burning cabin. At
the age of twelve, I was alone in the world except
for a family of dragon shifters who had befriended
my parents before I was born. Bernard Golden took
me to the puma shifters who lived on the edge of
our village. The pumas turned me away because I
was a half-breed. There were no other witches in the
community so the Golden family took me in as one
of their own. With four boys, Lorelai Golden
welcomed another female presence. To me, she
always smelled of sugar cookies and cinnamon.
Bowie, the oldest son, was my chief defender. He is
seven years older than me and he took my
protection very seriously. Brady, the second son
was my trainer. He taught me to fight and hunt,
which is hard for a dragon to teach a puma, but he
did his best. Callum and Colin are the youngest. A
set of twins, a rarity in the dragon world, they were
allowed to get away with a lot. Being only a year
older than I am, we three managed to get into the
most trouble. They were, and are, my best friends.
The dragon nest was not very receptive of a
cat living in their midst. I was teased and tormented
by the dragonlings. Luckily, I had the Goldens.
Bernard is the head of the Dragon Council so not
many dragons were willing to cross him. Arthur
Smythe and his family were one of the few families
who dared piss off Bernard. The Smythe boys
ambushed me and padlocked me in a metal dog
crate. What their intentions were I did not know, but
it was lucky for me, Callum and Colin were always
close by me in those days. When Lance and
Cameron Smythe went home to wait for nightfall,
Colin turned me loose and helped me home. Callum
had run ahead to tell Mama and Papa what had
happened. Mama met us in the yard, crying. She
took me from Colin and carried me directly to her
rocking chair beside the fireplace. She held me,
rocked me, and cried with me into the night. Papa,
Bowie and Brady went into the woods and waited
for the Smythe boys to return for their ďplaytime.Ē I
do not know what happened in the woods that night,
but I do remember Arthur and his wife, Camille,
coming over the next day to apologize. They faced
punishment before the council, but because I was
not dragon, I was not allowed in those meetings. All
Bowie would tell me was that justice was served. It
did not stop the Smythes from tormenting me, but it
never went that far again.
I shifted for the first time at the age of
thirteen. It hurt like hell, but it was freeing at the
same time. There is a power that you feel when you
change and it just radiated through me.

May 5th, 2012, 04:34 AM
Well I have added to the Coffee Write story Gemma. Let's hope there are more people join us for what appears to be an interesting story.