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May 14th, 2012, 11:28 AM
Jude has two fantastic reads available now, plus another coming in July.

May 14th, 2012, 03:13 PM
Why yes I do and thank you, Ellen!

Dragon & Hawk is an action/adventure historical romance that begins the saga of the Jones brothers, immigrants from Wales to the wild Arizona Territory of the 1880s. The title has to do with the totems or animal spirit guides of the impetuous Evan Jones and the mysterious Mexican healer who captures his heart. Evan embodies the Red Dragon of his homeland--fiercely passionate and more than a little lacking in self-control. Reyna Montoya Svenson is the widowed curandera (mystic healer) of Mexican-Mayan blood who can see clearly into everyone's heart but her own.
This is a trilogy series that begins in 1882 when Evan and his brothers Dylan and Huw are desperate to escape the dangerous work in the Copper Mule Mine of Bisbee. A tale of culture clash as well as delicious romance, Dragon & Hawk will take you from the dusty streets of Tombstone and Bisbee to the quiet beauty of Sabino Canyon and the Sonoran Desert, as well as introduce you to the legends of Wales, Native American spiritualism, and Mexican culture.
Here's a wee excerpt from Dragon & Hawk to whet your appetite:

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"Welsh princes aren't English lords, mind you. Llewelyn lived in a simple house with his family and faithful wolf-
hound, Gelert. One day they hunted a pack of vicious wolves. Gelert tore through the trees, Llewelyn following—or so he thought. After a long chase, he realized he chased a grey wolf, not his Gelert.

"Far from home, Llewelyn worried. He imagined his beloved dog ripped to shreds by the wolves, or worse yet, the wolves stealing his young son."

"[I]S&#237;, los lobos est&#225;n muy inteligente. Wolves are very smart," Reyna said. She loved to hear him talk this way— musical, different. Eyes bright, his face glowed, healthy with fresh air and sunlight. He didn't limp, seemed to be

breathing well. His cheeks dimpled as he smiled. Evan's long hands gestured as he spoke—fingers touching, then flying apart, handing her images he spun in the air. Look at him—how he enjoys telling the tale.

"Prince Llewelyn ran to his house. The door stood open to chaos. Furniture overturned, rugs rumpled—his son's cradle upended midst a huge pool of blood.

"Gelert approached from a dark corner, jaws dripping red. Llewelyn assumed the worst and plunged his sword into the wolfhound's heart. Right when he did, he heard his son cry—the baby was trapped beneath the cradle. Llewelyn turned and saw the remains of a huge wolf, torn to pieces in the shadows."

"Qu&#233; triste! Gelert killed the wolf to save the baby, yes?"

Evan nodded. "Llewelyn built a tomb in tribute and repentance, turreted like a castle, to honor the protector of his son. Took flowers every spring, he did."

Reyna stared into dark brown eyes as they stopped at the top of the hill. She could tell he loved this story. Honor, loyalty meant much to him.

"And then?" she asked, breathless, wondering if that hill was truly so steep.

"A village grew up around the tomb, named Beddgelert—'Gelert's Grave.' It's there to this day. We say, 'To repent as deeply as a man who killed his dog' when you've hurt one you love."

"Ah," she said quietly, "'to betray a trust is to break one's own heart'."

He stood quiet, looking into her eyes. She held her breath, the pull between them strengthening each moment.

He bent his head toward her—

"Perhaps we'd better return," she said, turning away.

So, Coffee Time members, what do you think? Can a fiery Welsh Dragon learn to love a desert Hawk without burning them both to ashes? Have you heard the legend of Gelert before? Have you heard of many actors and celebrities from Wales?

Dragon & Hawk is available now in both ebook formats and print from Champagne Books. (http://champagnebooks.com/shop/index.php?route=product/manufacturer&manufacturer_id=52)

More to come a little later!

May 15th, 2012, 10:32 AM
About the Author:

I've always loved books, writing, and history. So when I went with my son's class field trip to Bisbee and Tombstone, it was as though everything came together for me to compose my first novel. There are three books in the series now, covering a period from 1882 through 1905 when Arizona had not yet become the Forty-Eighth State, I also have a short story, Within The Mists--about an uptight officer in Nelson's Navy and the selchie (woman on land, seal in the sea) who saves him during a ferocious storm.
I live in Tucson, Arizona with my long-suffering husband, son, and two deranged cats.

For a fun interview check out Cathy Coburn's "In The Spotlight" (http://catcobu-afterthemist.blogspot.com/2012/05/todays-in-spotlight-interview-is-with.html)blog from Monday, May 14th.