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August 14th, 2006, 08:36 PM
Rosemary Laurey

On the shelves now:

Keep Me Forever—ISBN: 0-8217-7928-1

The fourth book in my vampire series, the story of Antonia Stonewright's search for a soul mate. Could handsome potter Michael Langton be her purrfect companion?

Available now:

Be Mine Forever—ISBN: 0-8217-7663-0

The third book in my vampire series, this tells the story of the two ghouls, and Angela and Tom's romance.

Now on the shelves—A USA Today Best seller!:
A two-in-one edition with KISS ME FOREVER and LOVE ME FOREVER. (Formerly Walk and Rapture in Moonlight)

Velvet Nights in IMMORTAL BAD BOYS. A Brava vampire anthology with Rebecca York and Linda Thomas-Sundstrom.