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Promo Crystal
June 7th, 2012, 07:41 PM

Jade Falconer's "A Knight's Tale"


When young Lord Thomas' father is killed, the King sends a band of knights, led by handsome Sir Henry, to protect the lands over Lord Thomas' objections.

Though their love is forbidden, over time, they cannot deny how they yearn for each other.

And now in print...


Marie Rochelle's Hunks: Opposites Attract


Sapphire Rhodes has never considered herself a risk taker. No way! She is way too by the book to ever get involved in any kind of bet until one of her best friends challenged her to find her...perfect hunk.

Her perfect male worked with his hands and didn't mind a little sweat or dirt if the job came down to it. Yeah, her hunk definitely didn't get into shape by working behind a desk. She had given up all hope of finding him until she walked past Brian.

Brian Terry wasn't the man his friends thought he was. Sure, he loved having a good time like the next guy, but he was ready for more. Late nights at the club were becoming a thing of the past. He never thought he would find the right woman worth changing for until he spotted Sapphire coming off the elevator.

Opposites attract...and when two people meet unexpectedly, fireworks explode and they can't help but to drive each other wild!

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