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Promo Crystal
June 12th, 2012, 08:25 PM

Ericka Scott's "Seeing Spots"


Australia is known for its one-of-a-kind animals including the rare Australian big cats: lions, leopards, and panthers. One reason for their near-mythical existence is because these secretive felines can shift...into men.

Sheep rancher, sculptor, and Australian playboy, Gavin Piscín, wasn't looking for more than a one-night stand in a Sydney bar. What he found, instead, was an Aborigine legend concerning a magical diamond, The Leopard's Paw, and it's effect on the fertility of his species. Unless the stone is returned Down Under, the near-mythical Australian big cats will become extinct. Despite his doubts, he hops the first plane to the United States to recover the priceless

Ten years ago, Keziah Creswell hung up her lock picks and loot bags when she retired from the 'family' business--cat burglary. Since that time, she's changed her name and built a successful career in investment banking. One
afternoon, a note arrives that shatters her illusion of anonymity and threatens to reveal her past if she doesn't pull off one last caper. The blackmailer doesn't want her clients' money; he wants her to resurrect the Kitty Cat Burglar
and steal The Leopard's Paw.

When these two 'cat' burglars go after the same rare diamond, they find more than just treasure...


Kindle Alexander's "Blood Bonds"


For Tyler Donovan, moving to the oceanfront town of Destin Florida meant a new job and hopefully new adventures with his lifelong friend and fellow vampire, Drake Landon.

The young doctors are set to take over Ty's fathers medical practice. The medical clinic also served another, bigger purpose, in a town filled with secrets. Trafficking of human blood proved quite a lucrative business but when things didn't add up and the clinic experienced shortages, it was up to them to find the answers.

Everything seems to be going along as planned until one night Ty meets his sexy next door neighbor Narissa in the most unusual way. He falls fast for the hot marine biologist only to find Narissa is keeping hidden secrets of her own.

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