View Full Version : SALLY'S ANSWER is RELEASED!

Jewel Adams
June 14th, 2012, 09:35 AM
I'm so excited, SALLY'S ANSWER is now available at Kindle Amazon. This is the second book in the Timeless Loves Series. Here is what it is all about


BFFs since childhood Sally can't accept Angie's decree that she belongs back in time! The search parties are useless. Determined to find her answers she convinces the old Indian guide to take her to the same place he took her friend in the mountains. Sally draws on all her courage to ride through the invisible barrier that might take her to Angie. The other side of that wall of time is not what Sally expected!


Go and Read the sample :) and check out the first book in the Timeless Loves Series, RIVERBOATS AND RAINBOWS, because I'm giving this one away free to Celebrate the Release of Sally's Answer!