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Promo Crystal
July 11th, 2012, 08:17 PM

Kasey Moone's "Bubble Bath Delight"


When her new neighbor’s loud music continues to interrupt her bubble baths, Marissa Coldtrail decides enough is enough. It’s time to teach the metalhead a lesson. It’s time to put the infuriating man in his place once and for all. Then she sees him—and wonders just how to get the hunk in bed without losing her cool.

Brian Levine is amused by the dark beauty from next door. Her voluptuous body makes him want to turn the volume down, but he’s never been that much of the agreeing type. Still, there are other ways to resolve a friendly
neighborly dispute.

Like finding a way to cool her vicious temper. Like showing her that bubble baths can’t please like metalheads can…

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