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Lyn Alexander
July 24th, 2012, 04:46 PM
No, Roz Lee, I don't write romance per se, but there isn't a novel I've ever written that didn't have a strong romantic plotline in it. But it's not about the romance - everybody has romance in life, but not everybody is story material.
I write historical novels. No, not Regency or Ancient or Civil War ~ THOSE are popular historical times.
No, trust me to be off the beaten track.
The Officer's Code
In 1913, in his desire to avoid his father’s plans for his future in the family’s London law firm, young Eric Foster takes his mother’s illustrious German family name to buy a commission in an élite Prussian cavalry regiment. Of course, he is primarily driven by falling in love with Brigitte, the daughter of a retired regimental colonel. ‘Britt’ is volatile, impulsive, an accomplished horsewoman, and the most beautiful girl in the world.
Within weeks of their wedding and honeymoon, Europe is poised on the brink of war, and Eric (now Erich von Schellendorf) finds himself in the wrong uniform on the wrong side. Trained as an officer in the strongest army in Europe, Erich honours his oath of allegiance. He fights with credit in East Prussia, and is later transferred to the Western Front where, almost at the end of the war he is seriously wounded in action.
As the war progresses, through letters and brief leaves at home and disasters reported from home, he learns of family horrors his young wife endures, culminating with the death of her father in mysterious, violent circumstances. From that point on, the world changes fo Erich...

“The Officer’s Code” is the first of a series, three completed, following the career and conscience of Erich Bronsart von Schellendorf. The second of the series, "The Versailles Legacy", a work in progress, covers the rise of Hitler. In the third, “The English General”, by 1939 Erich is a general in Hitler’s Wehrmacht. By 1946 in “A Good Soldier” he must stand before the world’s judgment at Nuremburg. These four novels are intended each to stand alone, yet one builds upon the last. All four are based not on the huge world picture, but upon the keyhole view of a single man caught up by historic events after hitching his destiny to a very dark horse.