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July 31st, 2012, 08:19 PM

Alyssa Morgan's The Warlord Forever


An immortal warlord. A magical curse. And the woman who sets him free...

Ian Fletcher has grown weary of his unnaturally long life. After being tricked by the Queen of the Faeries into drinking an immortal potion, there is no way to end his suffering. Except for one. A magical curse that can lay him to rest inside a sealed tomb forever.

He just never expected he’d remain awake through the centuries...

Kenna Douglas is an independent, modern day woman, who doesn’t need a man for anything, but deep down she yearns to find her knight in shining armor. As she tries to solve the mystery behind her uncle’s sudden death in Scotland, and unlock the secrets of the ancient tomb he discovered, she is haunted by dreams of a strange man from another time. A warlord who wants her to release him from his dark prison.

But how can she open the warlord’s tomb without releasing the curse? Kenna has to decide what she wants more – to find out what really lies within the tomb, or leave it sealed forever and not know. Either way, her life will never be the same again.

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