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Samantha Lucas
September 29th, 2012, 11:34 AM
Starlight Key is my latest project and a complete labor of love.

I've tried to combine my love of great television series like Firefly, The Tudors, Battlestar Galactica, and Revenge withmy deep passion for D/s and my spirituality to create something I think is original and unique.

There are multiple characters and storylines all running through the fictional Starlight Key a place where immortals can hide and high powered men can find the discretion to dominate their women the way they need. You'll meet battered souls, men and women of deep faith, side by side with kick ass sexy heroes and a whole lot of white hot passion.

Storylines will arc and change over time, but the characters will always be up to something as this is an open ended serial which I hope to write for years to come.

Currently Starlight Key is only available by subscription, but today only by commenting on this post I will send you episode one for free and if you sign up for a subscription today, it's at the debut price of $1.99

For more info, excerpts, and pricing, please visit us on the web (http://starlightkey.blogspot.com)!

Samantha Lucas
September 29th, 2012, 12:16 PM
Excerpt Two ~ Tess and Santiago

“I need a goddamned drink.”

Tess halted her conversation mid-sentence and with no short amount of irritation as Santiago made his entrance into her sanctuary.

“Santiago, please come in. Have a seat. No, really, this conversation I’m having with Beck isn’t important.” She hoped her sugary tone registered its sarcastic intent, but on Santiago, it was never a guarantee.

“Tallon’s back.” Santiago’s tone was as dark as his waist length hair and wasn’t necessary in this case, simply the words alone sent a shiver through her spine.

Even Beck took two steps back. They exchanged a look of mixed concern and fear, for both of them had been around the last time Santiago and Tallon had tangled. For the love of God, she had certainly hoped it would be the last.

“I don’t know how you trust the Orlando club to those boys.” Santiago’s fingers dug into the soft paisley fabric arms of the chair he’d chosen.

“I’m gonna give you two some privacy.” Beck started to leave but Tess reached for him and grabbed his arm.

“Beck, I need you and we aren’t finished here.”

“Look, Tess, you know how much I love you and I’m loyal to death, but I have absolutely no desire to train one of your sub wanna-bes and you can’t make me. ‘Sides, what’s wrong with your usual trio of Doms?”

Tess growled under her breath.

“Christian’s out of the country, something to do with his sister. Dominic thinks himself in love, and Vernox already has a girl he’s working with. I need you.”

Santiago chuckled and both she and Beck turned to look at him.

“What?” He held his hands up as if to prove his innocence in some way then got up and moved to the glass decanters Tess always kept fully stocked along the back wall of her small attic salon.

“It’s just that I know Beck has no shot in hell in winning this argument, so he’d be better saving his strength for fucking this woman you want him to.”

“I don’t want him to fuck her! I want him to train her,” Tess all but growled at him.

The submissive program she ran at the club meant everything to her. She was determined to save every naïve woman she could who had some twisted prince charming with a sex dungeon fantasy, and Beck was going to come around and help her on this whether he liked it or not.

“Look Tess, I think what you do for these women is a wonderful thing, you know that.” Beck ran his hands down her arms and looked down into her eyes. “But I can’t help you with this. Just tell this woman she’ll have to wait until Christian gets back. I’m sure she’ll survive.”

He started to walk away and Tess yelled after him, “This isn’t finished!”

“Mmm-hmm” Beck muttered as he left the room.

Right now she needed to deal with Santiago, her current Dom shortage could come later.

Santiago handed her a highball glass of amber liquid and held his own up to her in a wordless toast. She moved her elaborate Marie Antoinette like skirt out of the way and turned to the desk she had pushed into a corner.

“So what’s up with Tallon?” She suddenly remembered her irritation over something he’d said earlier. “Oh, and Andreas and Draylan do a damn fine job of running the Orlando club, thank you very much.”

“It’s your business, Tess, but any sons of Tallon Tarasios wouldn’t get within a long ass mile of anything I cared about.” He moved toward a dormered window and placed his hand along the low beam overhead.

“They aren’t like their father. They barely speak to the man.” She was tired of defending her choice over this with him. “So back to you, what’s he done this time?”

Tallon and Santiago had a long and twisted history which she never entirely understood to begin with, but she did know for a fact that Tallon was not a man to be trusted, while she’d trust Santiago with her very life, and had on more than one occasion.

“He hasn’t necessarily done anything, just bothers me he’s back and he’s married again.”

“Oh my God! What, this is like the fifth wife?”

“Mmm. Something like that.” He turned to her for a moment then returned his stare out the window into the darkness. “The woman’s a vain empty shell and I wouldn’t give a fuck about Tallon’s new wedded bliss if not for the fact that this woman has a sixteen year old daughter and she has a good soul. I don’t want to see anything happen to her.”

Tess walked over behind him and placed her hand on his shoulder.

“You can’t save them all, Santiago.”

“Hmmm, haven’t I said the very same thing to you?” He looked at her over his shoulder with a sad smile.

Maybe they were both hopeless lost causes, having been done so wrong in their past, that all they cared about now was righting wrongs and protecting anyone they could. Though the baggage each carried looked very different from the other’s, they understood one another inexplicably. They were kindred and she’d felt that from the moment he walked into a sex club where she’d been pinned to a St. Andrews cross with her Dom beating the hell out of her for a crowd of men to watch.

“Maybe you have.”

He turned to face her and she saw the shadows embedded deep in his expression.

“I should go. I mostly wanted to let you know Tallon was back on the island, put some extra guards on around the clock. You know at some point he’ll make a visit. His sexual tastes run too dark to get them satisfied anywhere else here on the Key.”

She shivered at the thought and without thinking ran her hand up her chest to her shoulder, caressing the secret she kept beneath her clothes.

Santiago reached out and cupped her cheek, giving her some of his warmth in the process.

“You know I won’t let him hurt you.” He stared intensely into her eyes. Though he wore colored contacts much of the time, there were moments, like now, where she saw a deep red glow beneath the brown façade.

“I’m not worried about it. He’s never threatened me before.” She was however worried about him.

“I just wish he were more predictable, more constant. I know what he wants, but keeping a few steps ahead of him is way more challenging than it should be.” Santiago’s irritation shown plainly in his tone.

“So what are you going to do?” She knew he wouldn’t really confide in her, but she felt obligated to at least make an offer of being a sounding board.

“Watch.” He gave her a small smile and stepped away.

Check out the Starlight Key thread here at Coffee Time for more information and excerpts, or come by the web page (http://starlightkey.blogspot.com) and take a look around ;-)

Samantha Lucas
September 29th, 2012, 01:08 PM
I've given away ten free episodes so far through facebook and the website, but none here :-( My goal is to give away 100 so either comment or message (http://samanthalucas.com/contact.php)me and I'll send you yours. :)