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tonya kinzer
October 18th, 2012, 10:47 AM

I so appreciate that you're interested in more books in The Boss's Pet series! Thank you! Many of you have emailed me about when this book will be out or if, in fact, there would be one! YES!!! The book should be available in June of 2013! (First, I have to release book one, Come Tame Me, in m (http://www.tonyakinzer.com/wildfilliesseries.htm)y erotic western series (http://www.tonyakinzer.com/wildfilliesseries.htm), Wild Fillies coming in March, 2013 - see my topic on Work in Progress or visit my website above.)

If you've read Master's Email and liked Alexis and Colt, you'll be happy to know that those two will be making a trip to Palm Spring to party with Nick and Sondra. Did you like Master Buck? You'll be happy to know that he's attending the next party as well and his tats will be visible for all to see! If you've not read Master's Email and are curious, read a xxx-rated excerpt HERE (http://www.tonyakinzer.com/mastersemailexcerpt.htm)! Before reading, please know this is in the BDSM Dom/sub genre!! Not for the faint of heart...so don't say I didn't warn you! *wicked laugh*

I love to hear from my readers so please don't be shy in emailing me. I can be reached through my websites, Twitter and FB. I'd love to hear your thoughts on my work or what you might like to see in some of my future books! Again, thank you for stopping in! Muah!

tonya kinzer
January 11th, 2013, 01:02 PM
This is book one, Come Tame Me, in m (http://www.tonyakinzer.com/wildfilliesseries.htm)y erotic western series (http://www.tonyakinzer.com/wildfilliesseries.htm), Wild Fillies coming in March, 2013 - see my topic on Work in Progress or visit my website for more info. Read Ch 1 of book one in the series HERE (http://bit.ly/PgbXje)!

Many readers have contacted me to request that I write an erotic series that didn't contain BDSM so here is the beginning. I hope you enjoy the story and the characters. Click on the link above to read Chapter One - each time someone reads the chapter, it helps my book show up on the listings over at Freado.com! I could use your help in getting the chapter noticed!

If you'd like to leave a comment here so we can chat...log in, click the reply to thread button and leave me a note! I wish more of you would comment. I'd love to hear how many of you like to read western romances. I know there are many of you out there so come on, don't be shy and let's chat! Thanks for stopping in!

tonya kinzer
June 7th, 2013, 01:42 PM
Book 5 has a tentative title of What She Wants (http://www.tonyakinzer.com/thebossspetseries.htm) and here's a peek at the NEW cover! What do you think? New release date should be late Dec 2013 - I've started it and can't wait to get it out for all of my lil smut lovers! I love that you enjoy my books! Thank you so much!


Squeeee!!! So far, readers are loving the cover with John Quinlan, the most tattooed romance cover model and on the bottom - the awesome Jimmy Thomas! I wish I could say that was me with him in the photo and that was MY hand!! But ...no! Darnit all!

This book will have Sondra learning how to become the best Domme possible but first...she has to go through the training and watch others be trained! The Dommes do love their submissives and enjoy giving them what they want - to be dominated. If that doesn't already have you squirmin'....then nothing will. tssss! I hope you stay tuned to my website and newsletter to find out more lil tidbits on the book! Thank you for stopping in and I hope you join me at my website and on FaceBook, GoodReads, Google+ and more! Muah!

PSSST - Also....my new release is Come Tame Me (http://www.tonyakinzer.com/wildfilliesseries.htm), book one in Wild Fillies series! Check out my western romance series!

tonya kinzer
June 3rd, 2015, 03:25 AM

Read more about Nick and Sondra and who they meet up with at the party by going over to my website (http://www.tonyakinzer.com/thebossspetseries.htm) for The Boss's Pet series for excerpts and more. Scroll down to book five...unless you haven't read the first four! Book one is free and I have other books on my site also, in case you're not familiar with my work.

WARNING: This series is BDSM so if that is NOT what you read, don't go there.

I've been MIA since the end of April due to major surgery to replace a total hip. I'm just now getting back to my computer for writing and have more books to finish for you. Thank you for stopping in!

tonya kinzer
March 4th, 2016, 01:04 AM
I'm still writing, traveling and reading. I've missed all of you and wanted to stop by to let you know what's happening in book six for Nick and Sondra. They're partying in New Orleans and they want you there. I don't have a release date yet as I'm working on other projects at the same time. My other series is lesbian romance and I'm working on book two for that. I've posted here in my BOOK section so you can jump back and read there.

I loved visiting New Orleans and will be going back there again in June to scope out bars and party spots for Nick to show off Sondra to his friends as they stroll down Bourbon Street and dine in the inner gardens of the town houses. Be careful when you peer through one of the gated alley's...you just may see more than you want if you're viewing one of their scenes that will play out in the gardens! LOL I hope you're looking forward to reading more. Find me at Amazon (http://author.to/TonyaKinzer) and more! Stop by my website (http://www.tonyakinzer.com/thebossspetseries.htm) and subscribe to my email (http://eepurl.com/jlnJP)so you're up close and personal with those two. You don't want to miss out on any of their fun! Muah!

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