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November 3rd, 2012, 09:28 AM
Is it really that long since I posted here? (And why are my comments only showing up as 8 when I know I've made WAY more than that! :winkiss: Anyway, I'm going to try and update my place here a little more regularly.

NEWS: First of all I'm thrilled to say the blog I run with Mary Ricksen, P L Parker and Mac Crown, The Author Roast and Toast (http://www.authorroastandtoast.blogspot.com/) been awarded the Cararmel Corner Selection and are featured in the Coffee Time Newsletter http://www.coffeetimeromance.com/CTRNewsletter/index.html

We're thrilled to have this award and especially as irt is also a tribute to our dear friend and sister hostess Sharon Donovan, an amazing romance author who sadly passed away in April this year, after a second major heart operation. She loved The Author Roast and allowed her virtual butler, the charismatic Oliver, to moonlight and take part himself. He still makes a guest appearance, and the blog is now a tribute to Sharon. We're thrilled that she will have another book out soon. Watch this space, and her blog which I keep updated - http://sharondonovan.blogspot.co.uk/ I visited the US in May and joined up with Mary to meet Sharon's parents and sister, a lovely family just as one would expect.It was a wonderful experience although bittersweet, since we had originally been going to meet Sharon herself and she was so looking forward to it, but we certainly felt her presence.

Finally - an apology. I was the 'I'm Diggin' ahost for October, and although I tried on numerous occasions I just can not access the Coffee time page. I can get into the general Coffee Time Facebook page, but not the one where the 'I'm Diggin' question is hosted. I can get into any Facebook page except that one! I have no idea why!So I can only apologise to everyone who answedred the questions during last month. I'd normally have been there to respond so please don't think I just didn't bother, I did try. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the questions.

Have a good November and good luck if you're doing NaNo. I'm going to be using it this year to revise my current work in progress.