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Promo Crystal
November 16th, 2012, 08:44 AM

Stephanie Morris' Flirting With Temptation


Carissa Onai had no idea what she was getting herself into the night she attended the party of Kieran Sullivan. When he set his sights on her she ran as fast as she could in the opposite direction.

Kieran was the sort of guy that all mothers warn their daughters about. Unfortunately, Kieran is a man who always
goes after what he wants and he wants her. Yet, she'd learned her lesson about flirting with temptation the hard way and she had no plans to do it again.

Kieran Sullivan is used to getting his way in the boardroom--and in the bedroom. And when he meets gorgeous Carissa Onai at a party, he wants her. But she is beyond skittish and completely unwilling to give him a chance.

Because of her past relationship blunders, Carissa seems to think that there are some things about him that are too good to be true. Yet, Kieran knows a good thing when he sees it and Carissa is it. Now if he can just convince her to give into temptation.

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