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October 15th, 2007, 04:07 PM
Hi everyone -

My new dragon shape shifter series launches on February 5, 2008 with KISS OF FIRE (http://www.deborahcooke.com/fire.html). The cover looks hot and the excerpt is up on my site AND...

my publisher has done Advance Reading Copies! DiscoDancingCarrots
I have a few, and I'm going to be giving them away as prizes over the next few weeks. There will be a post on my blog, Alive & Knitting (http://www.delacroix.net/blog) this Wednesday summarizing what's booked, then other posts as things come together.

First up, a chat (http://www.rwaonlinechapter.org/chat.htm) Thursday night at 9 pm Eastern.

See you there!
Claire (http://www.delacroix.net)
who is also Deborah (http://www.deborahcooke.com)