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David Andrews
November 23rd, 2012, 06:58 PM
Unlike Coasting, Offshore was never a complete story. More a series of notes written while I was working on anchor-handling supply vessels around the Australian coast. I organised them into a story form after I left the boats, but there were large gaps and only the beginning and the end of the story were fully written. Like Coasting, most of the incidents happened, or were apocryphal tales common at the time with the subtext of showing my children what I did when I was away from them.
The current story is written differently from any other I've attempted. I've abandoned my normal format of five thousand word chapters for the moment and written continuously along a time line, switching points of view to carry the story forward. Another change is my abandonment of my three published stories a year goal, although Whiskey Creek Press will still release Mitchell's Run in May 2013. The copy-editing of Coasting suffered because of the final rush to an August release and I'm determined that this will not happen to Offshore.
All that aside, I'm pleased with the progress of the story. I've just cruised past the sixty thousand words mark and it's flowing well in this new format. The nature of the final climax is emerging nicely as I build the characters in the reader's mind by their actions and thoughts.
I've taken time out to reorganise the vegetable garden for its summer crops and do the post winter maintenance on the rest of the garden (I live in the Antipodes and our seasons are the opposite of yours). The end of the school year is approaching and our babysitting duties are winding down so we can go bike-riding twice a week...usually towards one of our favourite coffee shops for a mid-ride refresher...and the odometers fitted to our bikes are recording increasing distances each week as our range extends.
It's a tough life, isn't it.