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Promo Crystal
December 4th, 2012, 08:43 PM

Shawn Bailey's "What Masa Wants"


Twenty-six year old manga salesman Daiki Yamada has always been the butt of jokes at the Fun Time Publishing Company because of his beautiful face, slim build and youthful appearance. Daiki’s boss Mr. Tanaka has always had faith in Daiki and sends him to meet with Masa Kobayashi to see if he can land an exclusive contract to stock manga in the man’s Tokyo bookstores. Daiki is delighted at the opportunity because the reclusive Masa Kobayashi never stocks anything in his stores accept literary books. He plans to impress Kobayashi with his knowledge
about manga and with a good presentation. But when he arrives at Masa’s beautiful mansion he discovers Masa is more interested in getting him in his bed than discussing business.

Masa Kobayashi never read a manga in his life, but he is interesting in trying new things. He knows manga sales are on the rise and he’d be stupid not to invest in the future. It also helped that the salesman sent to him is attractive and knowledgeable about what he’s selling. He takes one look at the handsome doe-eyed salesman and falls head over heels in love with him.

Daiki is so overwhelmed by Masa’s blunt forwardness and masculine sexuality that he succumbs to the other man’s heated looks and passionate kisses. He returns to work the next day embarrassed for sleeping with Masa and overwhelmed by Masa’s offer to become his boyfriend. Daiki doesn’t know if he can continue to work with Masa, because he’s not sure if the man wants him for his expertise or for the way he eagerly responds in bed. He isn’t sure if he can build the displays and stock the stores in time for Christmas without letting his growing feelings for Masa get in the way.


Asha King's "Wild Horses: Cold, Cold Winter"


Six months after the events of Wild Horses, blogger Danyiah Jackson happily lives in the country, loving—and often shocking—her broodtastic horse wrangler boyfriend, Adam Cooper.

But her surprise Christmas present for him, done as a prank for her blog and to spring some life-changing news, incites an argument months in the making, bringing the insecurities and vulnerabilities of the pair to the forefront. Adam wants more than he fears she’s willing to give, and Dani has a secret of her own that she fears will tear everything apart.

Is a happily-ever-after really possible for an opposites-attract romance?

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