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Promo Crystal
December 14th, 2012, 08:56 AM

R.W. Shannon's "Chasing Dawn"


Dawn, the beautiful captain of the comic book superhero team, G-Force, comes to life one stormy night and finds herself locked inside a comic book shop in Alexandria, Virginia.

The superhero, who can manipulate the weather at will, was sculpted by the owner of the comic book shop, Chase. Chase, a handsome, ex-Army ranger who opened the shop after his tour in the Middle East ended, had always been in love with the superhero and sculpts her from clay.

When she comes to life, after he places a magical turquoise necklace around her neck, Chase offers his dream woman a place to stay with the hope that she'll never leave.

Can these two star-crossed lovers conquer the odds to fall in love in the real world?

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