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October 22nd, 2007, 07:27 PM
A society as old as time, The Illuminati systematically brings death and ruin to world governments. As a single world order, they believe the Antichrist will rise upon a “mountain of human misery”. Even the United Nations, now the world’s lone superpower, provides soldiers from over 50 countries to combat the order’s anarchy. In America, it has been nearly three centuries since war ravaged its soil; its people once again fight for freedom. Within two years, a New America emerges sending armies to flush out the resistant uncompromising clans. In the meantime, a Savior is born giving the clans hope for a better world, fortified through a sturdy faith in God.

As a child, Jason never anticipates becoming a war leader, where even his father attempts to ready him are met with defiance. He’s incessantly reminded about his messianic destiny, from within his clan and those outlining as well; sometimes reverently or with disdain. Hence, his loath to killing anyone or even an animal for food unsettles him. During war, one must put aside personal inclination, especially when their people need someone strong to carry their fears while offering assurances. His father’s death in battle has them turning to Jason for governing and guidance. His lessons are hard won, strengthening his faith in God and the fight for freedom.

Mr. Hall writes a captivating science fiction story that combines a bit of history, Biblical scripture and a lot of imagination. American Messiah tells how righteousness and social equality is obliterated, leaving behind corruption and disparity to govern the New America. Feeding off greed and faithlessness, the Illuminati succeed in placing their master, the Prince of Darkness into power, and then positions his immoral peons within every sector of government worldwide. Only through the acts of a newly born Messiah can America resume the liberty so fervently disputed and won centuries past. With God as his guide and the unrelenting loyalty of the clans, injustice will collapse, but the Messiah must overcome indecision, self-doubt, and at times the unsteady walk of faith; within himself and the people he leads.

A wide array of authentic, dramatic characters energizes this intriguing apocalyptic tale. Jason, the Messiah, struggles with his calling but develops beautifully into the leader the world needs, while retaining his faith in God. After his father’s death, Jason is so grief stricken that he wanders aimlessly until rescued by a beautiful woman. While recovering he enjoys her warm hospitality within an affluent lifestyle. Although, he notices an irregular way of life when her father returns home from business with New America; the abnormal quietness within the home, the too perfect flowers, and then the absence of pesky insects and the silence of chattering birds. Jason senses that the impeccably dressed and well-mannered Lisa Hale and her father, James conceal a deep seeded evil. James’ offer to accept him as ”lord and master” affirms his fears – the man is the darkness to his light. Yet, once he refuses the Devil’s offer, his faith and fortitude energizes belief that he can lead his people to victory.

As the story moves forward, the reader will perceive similarities to the Bible, as Jason’s birth through a virgin woman and then his rise to leadership closely resembles scriptures within the New Testament. Then as New America’s regime takes hold, likenesses form by way of prison camps, needless exterminations, and labor camps, akin to WW II’s holocaust. When Jason gains access into the President’s home does it become apparent that a mafia like government has formed, riddled with narcissism, sex and impulsive murder, proving the malevolence decadence of this new world order. However, throughout the story, the clans stand firmly united, with little discontent. Their strongest defense is their steadfast faith in God and His Chosen One (Jason) keeps alive their hope for freedom and peace. The most treasured portion of this story is when Native Americans don their war attire to fight alongside neighboring countries in support of the American clans’ fight for justice – it is unity at its most blessed moment.

I applaud Mr. Hall’s fascinating depiction of an ominous futuristic America. He encourages the reader to think throughout the story, enriching the read with various profound probabilities that leads humanity to its own demise. Where we may be even today? There is romance, some amusing moments, though plenty of battle dialogs as American Messiah - a Lavender Isis Press publication -provides a rich reading experience. Mr. Hall has two more pieces ready for release soon, Secret of the Nile Valley and Between Shadow and Smoke: A Memoir.

A Dedicated Reader,
Pamela Jenewein

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