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HeartFelt Promos
April 17th, 2006, 11:42 PM
Authors post your excerpt here and your web site!

July 29th, 2006, 04:59 PM
www.darkertemptations.com and my first published piece is in the Jaded Beasts 1 digest at www.midnightshowcase.com I'm currently working on a werewolf tale called Dog Day Afternoon.

Here's the blurb and an exotic excerpt of my story Chasing the Ox Moon (by Waterfall Nagamoon)

Shannice Morgan, dissatisfied with her life on Earth, heads to Agrador to assist the Ox-Moon Chieftain, Jardor Vannox in saving his people from the Shentan rebels. The two headstrong individuals must work together to overcome all obstacles, hopefully resulting in an everlasting love.

"Have you found anything?" He asked and moved closer to look over her shoulder. His masculine scent wafted to her nose. Oh, he smelled so good.
"Not yet, but I will." She turned and found herself nose to chest with the big man, and what a chest it was, broad and smooth with well defined muscles.... Her mouth watered as she realized he wore only a pair of black leather trousers, a dark brown leather vest and his ever present black boots in deference to the warm temperatures of the past few days. This planet had a temperate climate with gorgeous foliage from what she had seen so far, well the parts that the Shentans did not destroy that is. Exploring the landscape was on her list of things to do, she just hadn't had the time yet.
"When you are done eating me with your eyes, we can talk about what is yet to be done." His words jerked her eyes back up to his face and she flushed red, slightly embarrassed to have been caught examining him from head to foot.
Not that this view was any better. The golden medallion he always wore, glinted in the open neck of his shirt. Did it always glow like that? The stone in the middle of it seemed to pulse.... He moved, drawing her attention back to his handsome face, the glowing gem forgotten. His long sable hair was loose and hung down to the middle of his back. A silky looking swath of sable slid over his shoulder when he bent his head slightly to make closer eye contact. The softness of his hair touched her cheek and her lips parted with a sigh. At that moment Shannice realized how close his full lips were to her own. Just a breath away and their mouths would meet in a kiss. Would he kiss her? She had spent a good part of the last two weeks wondering what he tasted like. That thought reminded her of his earlier comment.
"I was not eating you!" She huffed out on a squeak as she took a step backward, coming up short when the long marble countertop met her butt. Ah hell! There was no place left to go. She was trapped. Caught between the proverbial 'rock and a hard place'. Wiggling her hips just a little in the hopes of freeing herself, Shannice realized just how big said 'hard place' was and stifled a gasp. That would never fit!
"No? You do not want to know what I taste like?" An eyebrow was quirked at her, which only served to remind her how arrogant she thought him to be "And it will too fit. Trust me." He grinned as if he knew something she didn't
"No." Willing her body not to tremble, she stared back at him boldly.
"Well I do want to know what you taste like." His mouth lowered and her senses exploded. The taste of him felt unlike any other she had ever encountered. He was utterly delicious. He also smelled fabulous. Definitely good enough to eat. Shannice moaned into his mouth, her tongue meeting the strokes of his, her body conforming to the contours of his as he pressed closer. She should not be doing this, but she could not help herself.
Jardor pressed his advantage as the lovely woman in front of him melted beneath his kiss. He knew getting involved with her would not be the best thing for him or for his people, but his control finally snapped. He always did what was best for his people, never for himself, but he needed to taste her. She was exactly as he had thought, delicious. His hands cupped her hips. The fact that she was curvy and built to take a man his size really enhanced his desire for her. She wouldn't break when he touched her like he wanted to.
"You taste wonderful." He whispered against her lips, pressing her back further until she rested on the countertop. His hand slid up the outside of her thigh, under her skirt. Her skin felt so soft and silky under his fingertips. He wanted more. He cupped her bottom and squeezed. Yes, this woman made quite a luscious armful. He groaned as his hand slid around and between her thighs. Her wet flesh excited him. He slid two fingers inside her and groaned again. How would the tightness that squeezed his fingers so tightly feel around his shaft? The thought made him shudder. He allowed his mouth to slide down across her collarbone, then closed his mouth over one pouting nipple. He could not wait to see what color they were but he did not have time at the moment to push the cloth out of the way. He needed to feel her in his mouth now.
"Oh Jardor!" She moaned, the sound of his name on her lips arousing him even further. He sucked harder on her breast and picked up the pace with his fingers. Bringing his thumb into play, he searched for the small nub of her clitoris. She tightened around him even more, encouraging him to stroke her taut flesh harder. Suddenly, biting softly down on her nipple, he was pleased when she shattered around him with a scream that echoed sweetly in his ears. Her hot honey spilled over his hand. He straightened to his full height and began working furiously to get his leathers undone while he watched her shudder and pant with her eyes closed. He could not wait to make her scream that way again. He just needed to be inside of her first.

Linda L Lattimer
July 29th, 2006, 05:54 PM
Hey Susan, I failed to mention that other than vampire and horror, I do love a bit of the paranormal...I am anxious to read your work.

Sally Painter
July 30th, 2006, 04:29 PM

Hi again, EC categorized this as paranormal, but I feel it is also a lot of fantasy. Mostly Marcy's fantasy or rather obsession.* :-* Because it is rated E-rotic, you'll find some ... breaks. I've posted the link to the rest.

I hope you enjoy it.

To Kiss a Gargoyle Sally Painter

Sexual Content: Rated E-rotic
Genre : Quickie / Paranormal
Book Length: Quickie

To Kiss a Gargoyle By Sally Painter (Blurb)

Marcy Townsend is obsessed. Sultry nights spent in the arms of Leonardo, her dream lover, are what she craves most in life. Only he can fulfill her deepest desires. There's only one problem—Leonardo, the "man" of her dreams, is a gargoyle statue outside her high-rise office window.

Marcy can't get him out of her mind and her passionate longing for him drives her into a frenzy of need, unable to do or think of anything but him. Until one night she risks everything to see if the lover of her dreams is, in fact, trapped inside the statue.

A simple kiss, a caress, and a startling revelation shocks Marcy, sending her toppling off Leonardo's ledge, to plunge to a certain death.

But when a winged man saves her, Marcy realizes that kissing a gargoyle was a risk worth taking, as her hottest fantasies—and Leonardo—come to life.

By reading any further, you are stating that you are at least 18 years of age. If you are under the age of 18, it is necessary to exit this site.


Copyright © SALLY PAINTER, 2006.
All Rights Reserved, Ellora's Cave Publishing, Inc.

“Hello, sexy,” she whispered, staring into his piercing look. For a brief instant, she wondered if he were in truth a wild animal instead of her sexy lover. Once set free would he turn on her like a creature from the jungle, startled by human touch? Just inches from his face, she couldn’t pull away. She was actually going to touch him. After all the nights of yearning for this moment, it had arrived. Her arousal released in a rush of hot moistness that drenched her panties.

Could she join him on the column without falling to her death? She didn’t dare look down again. All she needed was to brush her ... It was insane yet she didn’t care. Some people had foot fetishes, well, hers was a statue. His name curled over her tongue and past her lips.

“Leonardo,” she whispered, tracing the air in front of him in an outline of his bold face, still not allowing herself to touch him. Wave after wave of urgent need throbbed between her legs. Her nipples ached. She longed to feel his lips sucking the erect nubs. Fire streaked to ... His hard, strong muscles seemed to scream for her caress. She couldn’t wait any longer.

“Leonardo,” she sighed, finally letting her hand flatten against his face. The contact shot an electrical current down her arm, pounding her heart into a new beat. His beat. Lion and man, joined as one. Fierce. Full of raw desire! It seized her, leaving only a single thought in its wake. Leonardo!

“You’re so gorgeous.” She glided her hand over his jaw and down the length of his powerful neck to a hard shoulder. Her heart swelled with emotions. If only he could talk to her. She moved behind him, brushing against him so her nipples slightly grazed the cold marble. It felt natural to mold herself into his broad shoulders, flattening her torso onto his back, dipping between the v-shape his wings formed. She longed to feel the magnificent body stand so she could enjoy him full-bodied. Trembling fingers curled around flexed arms bulging with steely muscles. He appeared ready to leap into the air with her riding his back. Any remnants of concern about her sanity fled with the feel of him beneath her. He was real. Her pulse quickened.

The marble was cool against her, but quickly warmed with the raging fire coursing through her. At long last she was touching her Leonardo. She glided up his back, tilting her pelvis so that her sex brushed against him. The contact of her hot flesh against the cool hardness of his back excited her beyond all fantasies. Frantic for more, she tugged on her skirt until only the thin netting of panty hose shielded her from the unrelenting coldness of stone. She rubbed harder, riding the urgent wave of arousal with the friction stimulating the aching need between her legs.

Yet it still wasn’t enough. She needed him to awaken. She had somehow actually expected it. Emboldened by the fire scorching her tender flesh, she glanced about the hidden alcove, making sure no one watched from nearby windows. Streaks of excited expectation shook her as she slipped the pantyhose and panties down her legs, and stepped from them. Cool air snatched the skirt and blew against her, sending a rush of heated moistness against her thighs. She leaned into him. Hard. Cold.

The sensation tingled against her throbbing ... read morehttp://www.ellorascave.com/Excerpts/Excerpt_ToKissaGargoyle.htm

Linda L Lattimer
August 1st, 2006, 03:02 PM
Oh Sally, sounds good - I love the title 8)

August 17th, 2006, 10:42 PM
This is to my new book Prophecy of the Boar comign out with Midnight Showcase.


Duncan Rylos Walsh walked down the corridor deep in thought reading preliminary reports. The reports were the recent squad assignments for the newly graduated recruits. His Psi team would be receiving a new member, expanding the team number to six. Unlike the other members of his team, the newest addition was female. He had to admit the Infinitium had moments of complete insanity. After 10 years with his current squad, why bring in another member? Then again, he was not one to question the Infinitium; the Elders always had their own reasons for every movement.

Lost in thought as he read the debriefing reports, he checked the panel for the time and made his way down to an available conference room. He needed to go over the upcoming assignment with his team and mention the addition they would have soon. As the doors slid open, Duncan pulled out the new recruit file while his thoughts were still spinning.
Duncan grabbed the ball from Declan Reardon, who was throwing it against the wall and whistling time away. Shaking his head and throwing the ball elsewhere rendered a comment from his other teammate, Gabriel Reardon. The original five members of Psi squad were comprised of the Reardon brothers and himself. The Reardon brothers were ancient Druids from the olden planet Eirenah. Gabriel, Declan, Finn, and Keane Reardon had worked with him years before when Eirenah needed help from a biological pandemic. Once their planet was out of danger, they transferred to Theocradia to work with other Infinitium members.

“Alright guys listen up.” Everyone moved to their seats as Duncan set the papers down. “First order of business, we have to get location details for the following planets: Toscah and Elusion. We need blueprints and access to the new corporate building in Toscah to deal with the rebels. The outbreaks have increased in occurrence and severity. Declan. Keane. Get to work on those details. Talk to our government contacts within the Royal Guard. From the debriefings, the Princesses of Toscah are the primary targets. They are specifically aiming the attacks at the oldest, Princess Ayani. Gabriel, Finn you are going to Elusion. The command has gone into high alert specifically over the Shadow Breakers. Major Hawke has sent one of his best for training by the Infinitium. Something is happening within the interior Elusion government and we need to know what exactly.”

Declan raised an eyebrow and shrugged at one of his brothers. “What the hell is a Shadow Breaker?

“Shadow Breakers are the elite of the Elusion government. Trained in every possible field of mental combat with their natural gifts, their training includes psychic enhancement. They are among the most powerful soldiers Elusions train. We have orders from the Elders to train a specific Shadow Breaker in physical hand-to-hand combat.”

Gabriel leaned back deep in thought. “Wait, if this is an elite soldier why does there need to be additional training? Shadow Breakers can kill anyone with a thought.”

“Not from what Major Hawke told me. He needs this soldier prepared in case the Elusion training fails. She will be here soon, so let’s try to make her feel at home. The first few months will be one-on-one with each of us, and then we progress to group and specialty training.”

“So her name is?” Keane interjected.

“Second Lieutenant Ailsa Sullivan.” Touching the button on the panel before him, Sullivan’s profile came up along with vital stats and personnel file.

“Is she single?” Declan whistled in appreciation.

“Yes, she is.” Another voice said in reply.

The men turned around to the different voice. Standing at the door, a woman dressed in a black jumpsuit, her dark brown hair touching the middle of her waist, icy dark brown eyes staring at the men in the room. Standing at alert with her arms crossed over her chest, the right side of her arm had elaborate Elusion colors and insignias. Hues of purple, black and white swirled in different shades of light and dark displaying the Elusion separation of rank, government sector, and years of military service. On the left side of her jumpsuit were two different size communication links, one link for communication between team members and the second link for current checkups on her psychic enhancements. Strapped to her thighs, she carried the standard issue Shadow Breaker weapon, a mid-size, powerful stun gun, and a baton.

“Damn, are there any more like her?” Declan whispered to Keane.

“I don’t know but if you want me to find out….” Ailsa glared at the man who was whispering to the man next to him.

Duncan let his mind go blank the minute Ailsa walked in to the room. He had to agree with Declan, as much as he knew that comment would get his ass kicked. Ailsa was a beautiful woman. The black jumpsuit did nothing to hide the lush curves of her body. Though the suit covered the great majority of her skin, her caramel-colored complexion sent fire through his body as she set her tense features on the group. Her figure resembled hourglass proportions, generous hips he could easily imagine moving while she was riding on top of him while she dropped her head back and he suckled and played with her ample breasts. Telling a woman though who had far advanced psychic gifts he was thinking these things would was not the most brilliant idea at the moment.

“You must be Ailsa Sullivan” Duncan cleared his throat and stepped forward offering her a hand. She seemed a bit familiar, even though he couldn’t pinpoint the location. “I’m Duncan Walsh. People around here call me Rylos.”

The smile never reached her eyes. Ailsa looked at the tall, handsome man approaching her. His eyes were of a man who trusted those he deemed worthy. His stance was the conviction anything he said was true and would not be doubted. The man standing before her had experienced life, experienced danger. He was no longer the man she had foolish romantic notions long ago. The ember she thought had died, simmered beneath her skin and acknowledged the love she had tried to end within her heart still lived. Duncan Walsh never left her heart, he was the quiet and persistent thought she had tried to rid over the years.

Strands of his jet black hair fell near his eyes exposing a clear blue that was destroying her reserve. Easily over six and half feet, he had shoulders that carried the weight of many responsibilities. The dark, midnight hair suited him with the style cut short at the nape. Overall, he was pretty devastating. He had a rugged face but he was a man a man of confidence. Those blue eyes she dreamt of years before hid under dark eyebrows with straight lashes. They followed the curve of his almond shaped eyes and could change intensity in a split second. His eyes held an infinite amount of power and he was a man that didn’t like being pushed around. Yet when those eyes were focused upon her, she struggled for composure.

She took her time surveying him and traveled her gaze down his arms, still well-defined and strong. She remembered how she reached for his arms to keep reality from returning. She remembered the way he kept her body humming from just a single kiss. His mouth teasing and drawing sighs from her, exciting her to want more of him. She remembered all their heated moments from years ago. Those lost moments when he would hold her up against a wall when their passion was too much to bear and explore each other as much as they could. She couldn’t think clearly when his hands touched her, her legs of their own accord wrapped around him wanting to keep him close. Oh, how he teased her reserve, tested her will power to stay pure just for him. She already knew then she was his, body and soul. She already knew back then there would be no other man in her life.

Yet it was the one moment when together, alone in his quarters, where he reached her heart. Refusing him yet again, he answered the way a man enthralled with a woman could; whining about the situation. She knew by the smile on his face he didn’t mean it at all. But it was when he gave her his heart that she could never refuse him anything ever again.

I love you Ailsa, you know that right?
Duncan, you know what you have to do. It’s the way of my people.
I know, whatever it is, I’ll do it.
I’d promise you the galaxy if it makes you mine.

Ailsa forced her thoughts to the present. She let her mind slip, let her guard drop for just a moment. Now she had to force herself back to reality. The memories did as they as promised; reminded her of betrayal. Anger fired through her system as the heat was replaced by fury. No, she thought, that was long ago, she was no longer naïve about this man. He was the leader of a very elite and dangerous group. Risk followed him always.
“Hello Duncan Walsh.” She said with controlled anger.

Without second thought, Ailsa smiled up at Duncan and hit him with her most powerful right hand punch.

Duncan stumbled back holding his jaw. “Uhm, I take it we know each other?”

He stared at the woman before him, anger seething in her stance, and at once felt a strange, high-piercing pain swell in his mind.

Ailsa did not give him a chance to answer as she mentally lifted him and slammed him against a wall.

Pain radiated along his back, and muscles protested to the sudden impact. Wincing, he drew in a painful breath. “Okay let me rephrase that. Did we sleep with each other?”
Once again, Duncan went up in the air by Ailsa’s mental powers, the throbbing in his mind increased as he slammed against another wall.

Linda L Lattimer
August 22nd, 2006, 10:27 PM
Hi Mila, sounds great, when is the release date?

Linda 8)

September 14th, 2006, 01:56 PM
Wow, great excerpts. Thanks for sharing.

I love/read/write paranormals and the hotter the better. Keep those excerpts coming so I know where to spend my money.

Brenda Bryce
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Sapphire Phelan
March 28th, 2007, 12:04 PM
Unedited Excerpt:
“What will you have?” asked the bartender.

Jeff stared at the dancers, shadows against the disco ball lighting, thanks to the cigarette smoke and darkness. The glittering lights from the disco ball sparkled in the smoke, making everything unreal. He swung his gaze back to the other man.

“I’ll have a whiskey.”

Within seconds the bartender plunked down a glass of whiskey in front of Jeff. Absentmindedly, he picked it up, sipping, and swept his gaze back to the dance floor.

He noticed mostly couples. There were a few female wallflowers hugging the walls, but they didn’t appeal to him at all. Not one of the women looked like they wanted a night of hot, sweaty sex. They had the look of commitment about them. That’s not what he wanted. No, only a one-night stand. He waited, hoping for someone to stroll through the front door, someone more to his taste.

An hour passed, and then a second one. Bored, he tossed back the fourth glass of whiskey he ordered. At this rate he’d get drunk. Maybe it would have been better to stay home, watch some movies on DVD, or subject himself to reruns on television. This evening was going to become another dud in a long list of dud ideas he thought he’d try out. No getting laid tonight. Not for Jeff anyway. The only way he would get off tonight was by his old standard: Mr. Hand. Since he dumped Lily six months ago, nothing mattered. It took all that time to finally realize he might have really cared for her. But no, fear of commitment to her had let him be the ass he really was.

You’re a bastard, Jeff Polivka. She loved you, really loved you, and what do you do? You let her catch you fucking some bimbo and then, tell her it was all over.

Memories of how Lily would take his cock into her mouth and suck it, or ride him like he was the biggest stallion in the world overwhelm him. Tears welled up in his eyes. Shaking his head, he forced himself to wipe the memories and the tears away.

His glance fell on the dancers again. He thought of the stack of condoms in his car’s glove compartment. A total waste of money.

Just as Jeff got up and was about to leave, someone entered the bar. He could barely see what the woman’s face looked like, thanks to the smoke and the darkness. But he could see that it was a woman, by the tight mini skirt and the T-shirt that molded to what promised to be heaven sent breasts for a man’s hands.

After throwing what he owed for his bar tab, he sauntered over to her, before any other single males decided to do the same. If she was worth it, no other man would touch her. Not if he had anything to say or do about it.

He stopped in front of her, as realization that he knew her hit him. A familiar pair of eyes the color of fine Scottish whiskey stared back at him. Lust, hot and heavy, filled very pore of his body. The eyes warmed him just like a shot of whiskey would. A man could drown in those eyes.

Lily Sanders.

She smiled. Pole-axed in the gut, his cock hardened in anticipation. At least a part of him knew how to react to her. The rest felt dumbfounded, unsure of himself. Memories of everything they ever did together assaulted him.

“Hello,” she said with a husky voice, “long time no see, Jeff Polivka. I see that six months hasn’t changed you.” Her gaze drifted down to the bulge in his pants. “At least, the important part.”

Holy shit!

“I see you still look fine, Lily.” He peered at her closer and frowned. “In fact, there’s something different about you. But I can’t quite put my finger on what that is.” He flushed as what he said sounded stupid, maybe even a cliché. “But it makes you really sexy.”

Sapphire Phelan
March 28th, 2007, 12:06 PM
Unedited excerpt:

Getting back into the groove of the dating scene nowadays was harder than Jordan Hudson expected. A forty-something newly divorced male--nothing special, just an ordinary man., he’d done the dating scene, trolling the singles bars and even the supermarket. After a year of it, he just finally gave up. Women today (at least the ones he met) were either into women’s liberation and didn’t want to get married or preferred to date the bad boy types. Nice guys finished last, and he never even got sex as a consolation prize for all his efforts. He decided to be shallow and just have a good time, with plenty of sex in the bargain, just like those bad boys were getting.

He’d gotten tired of using his hand, the only kind of sex he had for the past two years.

So he decided to take the easy way out and summon up a demon. To be more precise, a succubus. After all, what better demon to call up than one who’s an expert in sex, especially when the man doing the summoning hadn’t had it for two years?

After borrowing A Dummy’s Guide to Demon Summoning from his friend, Micah, he went and got what was required. He also hoped to succeed where Micah failed.

That night he went over everything.

A Dummy’s Guide to Demon Summoning.

Chapter One: How to Summon a Succubus.

Ingredients: four black candles. . .





Jordan dug through the large Walmart bag beside him and after a few minutes of searching, found the chalk.


Blood of a live chicken.

Jordan shot a dubious look at a very bloody package of frozen cut-up chicken parts he’d bought from the supermarket just up the street from his apartment. All he needed was the blood. Besides, he could use the chicken for one of his dinners later in the week. Waste not, want not, as his grandmother used to say, and Jordan didn’t believe in wasting anything. Another facet of his personality that had driven his ex crazy.

Everything done, he made sure that the chalked circle was perfect. Even one minuscule break in it would allow the demon to sneak out. He lit the four candles and placed each one outside of the circle: north, south, west and east.

A cloud of minty menthol wafted from a wooden bowl nearby, drifting over Jordan and smoking up the living room. He shrugged. If nothing else resulted from this little experiment, at least his congestion would be alleviated. Satisfied, he slipped off his jeans and T-shirt, flinging
them on the couch nearby.

Ripping open the package of chicken parts, he poured the blood into a cup and shoved the chicken into the freezer.

Off-key, he chanted, sprinkling the chicken blood over the circle, doing a little half-skip, half-stomp all around it. When he stopped chanting, he sat Indian-style and waited. His cock hardened in anticipation of the succubus’ appearance. Hopefully, otherwise, he’d stained his carpet for nothing.

A minute passed, then another, accumulating up to six minutes. Except for Jordan’s breathing, silence filled the room.

Damn Micah’s scatterbrained ideas!

He flung the book at the wall nearby. It smacked the wall, and then fell face up onto the carpet. His hard-on wilted in disappointment.

The room’s temperature dropped suddenly. Goosebumps bubbled all over his naked body.

Damn heat must be broke again. Might as well get dressed.

A thundering boom, followed by a flash of brilliant light filled the living room. A tall, lithe, and very inhuman form now stood within the confines of the circle. Jordan scuttled backwards across the rug in fright. His gaze flitted between the chalk circle and the demon. Would a simple line of calcite really keep this thing caged? Slowly, he climbed to his feet, not wanting to startle the succubus into doing anything . . . painful.

That demon had skin the color of green grass, blood-red eyes with no pupils, obsidian horns that curved out of long black hair that flowed down from its head and streamed past the shoulders to the small of its back. It also had breasts. Boy, did it have breasts! Full, soft breasts that had him panting to cup them with his hands. His cock perked up in interest. Their green color and black as sin nipples were a bit of a turn-off, but he could overcome that. His gaze left the breasts and traveled all the way down to the nest of pubic curls at the apex between the thighs. Like a blackbird’s feathers, they looked soft to touch, too.

Thank goodness he hadn’t fucked up and summoned an incubus. Though some men might not mind, he preferred women. Though what stood before him might not be classified as a woman, well, a human one anyway.

Sapphire Phelan
August 3rd, 2008, 11:19 AM
Available now from Phaze Books ( http://www.king-cart.com/Phaze/product=Shifting+Desires/exact_match=exact ): Shifting Desires print feline shapeshifter anthology:
Sapphire Phelan


Go beyond the usual, instead take the unusual that stretches the boundaries and find romance with Sapphire Phelan's aliens, werewolves, vampires, fairies, and other supernatural/otherworldly heroes and heroines.

They came from two different worlds.
Ramses was a werelion. Shana Tory was human. The Dreaming foretold them as soul mates.
So Ramses tracked her down in America, and when he found her, made her his and brought her back home with him to the South African Bushveld.
But others from his pride, led by one evil lioness, do not want them together.
Besides their lives, will their love survive the coming war?

Excerpt from Beast Magic-must be 18 and older to read it and the anthology:

Ramses paced one end of the cage to the other. He acknowledged the other lions briefly as they watched him with an air of fear and respect. They knew what he really was. Shapeshifter. Changer of forms. One of many that, like him, were behind the myths of werebeasts, except they weren't myths.

He stopped and smiled. It was something that a pure lion couldn't do. Sharp fangs glinted in the moonlight.

The funny thing about werewolves, werelions, weretigers, and other shapeshifting creatures of magic were that the human stories made claim to a man changing into a beast. Actually, it was the other way around. Among the animal and bird kingdom, a few were born with the magical ability to be able to become a human being. Strangely enough, it seemed only the predators could do this and not those who fed upon vegetation. Ramses could never figure out why this was. But it had always been so.

Usually a shapeshifter mated with another shapeshifter. But mostly, the Dreaming would reveal a human as the potential mate. And so, the identity of his mate had come to him. Ever since he was a cub, he had seen his anisa in dreams.

One female shapeshifter, Kaket, had tried to gain his interest, to mate with her. He refused, letting her know that he had the Dreaming, and that his true mate waited for him across the Great Water in another land called America. Angry, Kaket told him he would be sorry he had denied her.

The human woman must have dreamed of him too. For today she had come, drawn to him. Ramses had awoken, sensing her. He had left the sleeping quarters and saw her for the first time outside of his dreams.

Tall and long limbed, she had a long red golden mane that gleamed like fire when the sunlight struck it. Her eyes were beautiful green, just like the lush grass of home. That gaze of jade had stared into his eyes, stirring him. Breasts, just the right size for a male's hands, jutted forward and tented the man-made material she wore like a second skin. His cock had hardened against his belly, pointing toward her like it was trying to reach for her woman's sex. Ramses had felt the urge to leap over the boundary that separated them and fuck her in his lion or human form, it didn't matter which. The impulse had overtaken him and he almost lost his control when she had turned tail and ran.

Time to take it to the next level.

With a thrust of his hind legs, Ramses launched through the air and sailed over both the stone boundary and metal fence. He landed on the other side of the cement ground just outside the lion enclosure. Without a backward glance at the other lions, he bounded away.

He had a mate to claim and a destiny to fulfill.

Here is from Jude Mason's Cat's Claw:

The death of a long time friend, leads Morgan Fields on an extraordinary quest into the backwoods where she finds love and so much more. Joshua Lansing, the son of her deceased friend helps her explore the heritage she never knew was hers.

[color=Black]Adult Excerpt:
Off balance, Morgan hesitated. Feeling a little foolish, after all this was where she'd been going, she strode through the door. The home she stepped into was like nothing she'd ever seen before. It was divided into two rooms; the room she stood in was the main one, a combination living room, kitchen and bedroom, straight ahead and to her right, she saw a partially opened door that led into a bathroom. Dark, richly oiled wood was everywhere; the floor, walls and ceiling. Even the countertops in the kitchen were a polished lighter wood, as was the headboard of the bed, which was placed at the left wall in a kind of alcove created by the bathroom wall. A large stone fireplace dominated the room. That's where the light came from that she'd seen and fled towards. Earth tones of browns, greens and oranges made up the colors of almost everything: bedding, the cover on the single couch and chair that faced the fireplace, as well as the heavy drapes that were drawn back from the windows.

"I asked who you were, lady." Joshua interrupted her silent appraisal of his domain. She looked back at him with a pang of regret. She hated being the bearer of bad news, even when she had no choice.

"I'm sorry," she stammered and turned to face him. "This is amazing, your place, I mean." She did a slow spin, getting one last good look at the place and him, before breaking the news. "My name's Morgan Field. I knew your father—"

"Knew?" he interrupted, frowning. "You said you knew him. Has something happened to my father?"

"I'm sorry." She hated the quiver in her voice. At that moment, she'd have given anything to be somewhere else, have someone else break the news to this gorgeous man. Taking a deep breath, she went on before she lost her courage. "Your father passed away a week ago yesterday. I'm the executor of his will, he—"

"Passed away?" He looked as if she'd punched him in the stomach. His face paled, a haunted look shadowed his eyes. "You mean he's dead? My father's dead?"

"Yes," she said as softly and as gently as she knew how. His sorrow was like a blanket wrapping around not only him, but also her and the room. She dropped her bag and took a step towards him. "I'm so sorry."

Before she could say anything else, Joshua staggered and looked as if he was going to collapse. She lunged forward, slipping an arm around his waist. Taking his other arm, she wrapped it around her shoulders and guided him to the large, comfortable-looking couch.

The warm flesh of his hip under her palm stirred a longing she'd been trying to ignore ever since she'd first seen him. The towel did almost nothing to hide his firm body. It had been much too long since she'd had a man. Circumstances made that difficult for her at the best of times. A flash of memory, a re-occurring dream, or nightmare of passion, of tearing flesh, the taste of blood in her mouth and a craving that left her weak and trembling, all mixed together made her shudder. Determinedly pushing her desire for him aside, she focused on getting him to sit down before he fell down. It was not the time to let her own problems surface. Glancing through the nearby window she saw the soft moonlight, and felt the pang of a longing she'd kept hidden all her life.

She heard a soft groan when she eased him down, and felt the muscles in his chest writhe when she pressed her palm against him. A familiar response to tension, she thought; inside she had a niggling glimmer of something else.

"I haven't seen him for almost two years," Joshua said abruptly. As if that first confession broke the lock, the rest came tumbling out. "We disagreed about some things. Family mostly, they seemed important at the time. Funny," he looked into her eyes, and she saw the heart-wrenching pain of his loss, "it doesn't seem important now. I'd give anything to see him one last time. Tell him I loved him. Tell him that both of us were right."

Joshua lurched to his feet and pushed past her, nearly knocking her over. Startled, she reached out and grabbed. The towel came away without so much as a tug.

Morgan stared dumbstruck at the soft, white, slightly damp cloth in her hand, her mouth dropped open. Blinking, she glanced up at him, standing just as dumbstruck. Naked and beautiful. She blurted, "Oh my God! I—I…" Her face flashed hot with embarrassment, but she couldn't turn away, he was a magnificent animal. Only the reason for her visit made her hold the towel toward him. Under other circumstances, she was sure she'd have moved in and taken advantage of the beautiful man.

Jude Mason - Come, explore with me...if you dare!*
Website: http://www.my-haven2001.com
Newsletter: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Jude_Masons_Newsletter/

And from Skylar Sinclair's Purr for Me:


Panteara is a beast-shifting panther. For the females of her kind, they shift into half human, half panther on their day of birth--their birthday. Lucky for her, it happens to be on Halloween. This primping puss is all sexed up and heading out to a friend’s Halloween party dressed as, you guessed it, a sleek pelted and curvaceous panther.

Roarke Rawling has been coerced by his sister, Tabby, into going to this damn Halloween party and, to top if all off, he’s dressed in a skintight lion tamer’s costume. Bored out of his mind, ready to leave the party with a vest pocket full of unwanted woman’s phone numbers, he catches sight of a luscious cat woman entering the party. Now, there’s one pussy he’d love to tame.

Sit back and get ready for the fur to fly when you mix together a sexy panther and an arrogant lion tamer.


A deep, hedonistic voice spoke close to her left ear, ruffling the fine hairs near the top her temple as he did, “I bet I can make you purr.”

Panteara slowly turned toward the delicious voice, stepping back, only to have to stop her mouth from gapping wide open. At first, all she could see was this massive wall of muscle. She had to look up and step back once more to get the full picture of the man who stood before her.

For once in her life, she was totally speechless. All she could do was look this tall drink of water up and down, taking in every scrumptious inch of him. Her eyes kept stalling at the large package between his legs, held in place by the shiny black tights he wore so well.

Finally she moved past that large treat onto his ripped and muscled abdomen, where again, a fine trail of hair pulled her right back to his sizeable endowment. She swore it grew larger each time she eyed it. Before her stood a tall Greek deity, dressed in a very revealing lion tamer’s outfit, complete with a wicked looking whip wrapped around his tight, lean waist. He wore a black leather vest that looked too small for his large frame. His chest was lightly furred with pale, blonde curly hairs. He had a strong handsome face, distinctly refined nose and a wide mouth. His lower lip was fuller than his upper, giving him a slightly pouty appeal, which begged her to run her tongue along the seam of those lips. On his thick wrists he wore black leather studded wristbands. She’d bet that his large hands would feel like raw silk moving over her exposed and silken fur.

What almost stopped her heart were his eyes. They resembled orbs of goldstone, a rich burnished brown gemstone with dispersions of gold flecks. She could’ve drowned in the depth of his sensual gaze. He had a wild mane of tawny hair that was thickly layered around his face. On any other man it would have looked ridicules, on him it was sexier than hell.

Panteara had almost fallen under his sexual spell until she noticed he’d hiked up one blonde eyebrow and his lips parted in a grin of pure male arrogance, exposing strong white teeth, a look that said: I am gorgeous and I know it.

Panteara gave herself a mental shake, and then narrowed her eyes at him. He wanted to play, then let the games begin.

“What’s your name…stud?” She purred as she slinked the last couple of feet that separated them, then ran the pads of her fingertips along the bulging biceps and triceps of one of his arms, her other hand was placed seductively on a cocked hip.

His flesh quivered in the wake of her touch. As it did, shocks of primal recognition sparked up Panteara’s fingertips.

“That would be ‘Mate’ to you, pussy…cat.”

Holy mother of--

He was one of her kind, but much worse…a beast-shifting lion, known far and wide to be fierce and possessive creatures, with a hot temper and sexually insatiable. Damn. She should have known when she had smelt that heady scent, but then again, she had never been around lion-shifters before this.

August 3rd, 2008, 04:58 PM
Oh I love shifter storys

August 18th, 2008, 01:56 PM
Hey ya'll,

I'm running behind on postings lately. I hope everyone is having a super month! Here's a little blurb and excerpt of a recent release from EC for my new series. I hope you enjoy!

http://www.sallypainter.com/Reunited_small.JPG (http://www.sallypainter.com/Reunited.JPG)

Book 1 in the Gargoyles Seduced series.

Jen Ormand vowed never to return home. Traumatized by visions of demons only she could see, followed by a spell in a psychiatric hospital, she's determined to create a new life away from her hometown's dark past — until her parents die.

Now she's back and the demons are after her — again. Late one night they attack and sexy Garrett Dermonté saves her. When he sprouts wings and flies off into the night, Jen's sure she's suffering another psychotic break, especially since tall, dark and delicious makes her wet and hot for a lot more than rescuing.

Garrett has finally found the woman prophesied to reconcile his gargoyle clan. Jen is destined to lead them into battle against the demons, but can he convince her in time? Consumed by an uncontrollable lust for her, Garrett worries he's finally succumbed to the virus ravaging his species. Can he resist committing the unforgivable sin of making love to a human or will his hunger for Jen doom the world to demonic rule?<O:p

An Excerpt From: REUNITED

Copyright © SALLY PAINTER, 2008

All Rights Reserved, Ellora's Cave Publishing, Inc.

Garrett gazed down at the woman in his arms, finding it impossible to believe he was holding the Reconciler. He’d found her! Just in time too. Her aura bore a demon’s mark. She’d been recently tagged as a target, judging by the intensity of the reddish haze radiating off her. How long had they known about her?

His mind crowded with questions but the sudden whiff of her scent, a seductive mixture of earth and flowers, encircled him like wispy tendrils, numbing all thought.
He drew the sweet fragrance in through his nostrils and electric currents zinged through him. What was that?

Taut muscles flinched and his heart drummed a new rhythm. A strange and perplexing beat that matched the anxious quaking in him. The sensation spiraled to his gut, twisting until it wound tight like a corkscrew and then released in a powerful surge of need. Primal. Urgent.

“What the fuck?” he panted, looking down at the woman still cradled in his arms.

Full rosy lips parted and a soft moan rushed between them. He raked his tongue over his lips, imagining how she would taste. Just a slight touch of his lips to hers… He held her closer against his bare chest. Sweat trickled down his back. Garrett shook his head as though he could disentangle himself from the seductive spell but his mind filled with the image of her naked body writhing beneath him.

He’d never experienced such a compulsion. His mind raced with possible reasons for the emergence of such a highly charged energy and then a fearful thought struck him. He’d heard of overwhelming urges taking control when a gargoyle was in the first stage of mutation.

Infected gargoyles claimed to be victimized by their inner natures, no longer in control of their free will. This couldn’t be happening to him. He couldn’t mutate. Not now. Not when he’d finally found their salvation. He looked down at the Reconciler.

Fate wouldn’t be so cruel.

He groaned. Heat pooled in his groin and his cock throbbed. The gargoyle nature was one of discipline, Garrett reminded himself. He was a trained warrior, able to control all desires, especially any unwanted reactions, yet at that moment he didn’t feel in control. The desire wouldn’t abate. In fact it stretched against the fraying threads of self-control.

“I won’t be defeated. Not by a primal instinct to mate a human. Not after all the battles I’ve fought against demons.”

Resolve was quickly supplanted by impulse and his feverish mind clouded as he looked down at her. God, she was so beautiful. She had a warrior’s physique, toned and firm, yet at that moment she was every inch of feminine softness. Gentle curves pressed into him as she lay unconscious in his arms, seducing him with the forbidden.

“Sweet paradise! I won’t allow this to happen,” he rasped and willed the arousal away.

The energy relented and twisted to his belly, churning into a hard knot. Licking his lips, Garrett studied the goddess cradled in his arms. Ethereal and irresistible. Moonlight bathed her face, tracing long dark curls that cascaded over his arm. His fingers trembled. He needed to caress the shimmering fall…no, what he needed was to sink his cock deep inside her warmth and find release.

Mercy! Was there no mercy? Not for mutants. A feeling of hopelessness settled in his gut. None for him.

“I’m not a fucking mutant,” he growled. There must be another explanation for what just happened. Something he was overlooking.

Her perfume filled his nostrils and Garrett frowned at the oval face, so perfectly formed… Realization struck him.

The emergence of his baser self must be because of her. It wasn’t the virus. Somehow— Maybe it was a special power she held as the Reconciler.

If it could do this to him, what would it do to gargoyles weakened by the virus? It would mean chaos not salvation. Garrett squinted. It couldn’t be her. He knew the Legend inside and out. Nowhere did it mention the Reconciler having this kind of power over gargoyles or that her scent was an aphrodisiac.

His stare traced the slender column of her neck to the front of her blouse. Full breasts rose high above the first button, luring his gaze to dip beneath the material in search of rosy tips. The imagery shot liquid fire to his groin, pooling at the very tip of his cock. Pre-cum leaked past his attempt to stop his body’s response to her as the feral instinct seized him.

He clamped his mouth shut, straining to control the surge of power coiling tighter and tighter in his gut, threatening to break free. He tensed his body against the force but it raced up his throat, clawing against his clamped jaw. A low groan vibrated against his teeth, curling his upper lip into a snarl. Neck muscles constricted and his head fell back as the building pressure pried open his mouth. A fierce roar burst from him, echoing into the night and startling nearby dogs into frightened yelps.

“Son of a bitch,” he wheezed and gulped for air. “I have to get out of here.”

Car. Go to the car.

Garrett forced his feet to take a step forward. One foot in front of the other. He carried her back to the SUV and opened the passenger door where he lowered her into the seat. He paused, staring down at her, longing to touch her face. He reached over to buckle the seat belt around her.

As he straightened, his hand brushed one of her breasts. He froze. It had been a simple touch, yet every cell in his body sparked to life. Strong nails dug into the flesh of his palm as he tightened his hand into a sweaty fist. The hot night air pressed down on him, offering no relief for his fevered flesh. Visions of her lying naked in his arms with legs spread wide for him, revealing tender flesh, pink and moist… He swallowed past the dryness in his throat. Raw nerve endings ached with the need to feel his cock scrape past the velvety folds of her pussy and plunge deep inside her.

He shook his head and shoved away from her. This must stop. He pounded his fists hard into his chest but the pain from the blows didn’t break the spell. The hunger consumed him.

Garrett knew if he remained there any longer, he’d lose this battle for his self-control. He slammed the car door shut and hurried around the front of the vehicle but glanced at her through the windshield. By all that was holy, he wanted to throw open the door, steal her from the vehicle, and disappear into the night with his prize.

His mind raced. He must think about something else. Demons. Shit, he had to get her out of there. They would return with reinforcements. His legs shook as he walked around to the driver’s side.

“What the fuck is happening?” he breathed.

Read another excerpt (http://www.sallypainter.com/REUNITED%20-%20Gargoyles%20Seduced.htm)

Ellora's Cave (http://www.ellorascave.com/productpage.asp?ISBN=9781419917035)

Thanks for reading!
Sally :smilingsun:

August 18th, 2008, 02:08 PM
Great excerpt Sally :notworthy:

August 18th, 2008, 04:40 PM
Thx Hollie! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Sally :thankyou:

Elizabeth Black
August 19th, 2008, 09:32 AM
My book "Summer Heat: Steaming Stories For A Hot Summer Afternoon"
was released August 4, 2008. These five steaming stories include a
shapeshifter, erotic comedy, bondage, a cougar story, and f/f.

Below is an excerpt from the paranormal shifter story "Double

Here's the link for more information and a buy link:


This book is a real scorcher! I wrote some hot stories that will singe
your hair faster than the sun will burn you. ;)

Here's my blurb:

Five sexy stories to set your pulse racing on a hot summer afternoon. A
shapeshifter finds herself in a very compromised position with the man
of her dreams. Two luscious women have sexy fun with popsicles to ward
off the summer heat. A man, a woman, a remote controlled vibrator, and
a church picnic. Use your imagination. A missing kitty brings Kat together
with her very sexy neighbor. Jenny is a tough-as-nails prosecutor by
day – but a submissive wench by night. When the summer heat is at its
hottest, you never know what might happen.

Here's an excerpt from the shapeshifter story, "Double Shift". Background:
Mary Sparrow is a plain little shapeshifter who is in her gorgeous neighbor's
apartment to feed her cats while she's away, but Mary can't resist trying on
some of Michelle's clothes - while in Michelle's form. She didn't count on
Michelle's lover, Brian, walking in on her while she is in Michelle's form.
She can't tell Brian who she really is, because she's madly in love with him.
She finds she's also attracted to Michelle. What a quandry! How does Mary
get herself out of this sticky situation?


Oh, no!! Did Michelle cancel her trip? I have nowhere to hide and it's
too early to shift back.

Up the creek without the proverbial paddle, Mary turned to go to the
front room and face the music if that was to happen.

"Hey, Michelle! I'm bored! Let's go out tonight."

Brian, it’s Brian, of course he would have a key. Mary's heart pounded
in her chest at the thought of being with Brian as Michelle. What on earth
do I do now, and what if Michelle calls him from Houston? How do I
explain being here and in Houston?

As an intimate boyfriend would, Brian simply walked into Michelle's
bedroom to catch Mary standing frozen in the crimson dress.

"Oh, schmoochie, is that your fuck me dress I see you slipping into. Something
else on your mind perhaps, we don't have to go out, we could stay right here."

Oh no, I had no idea, but it makes sense, a bright crimson dress. Easy, girl,
don't panic, there has to be a way out of this. "Perhaps later, lover, but let's
go clubbing first, you know how that gets me going."

Mary had never been clubbing in her life, but she knew Brian and Michelle
did. She had seen them, dressed to the nines, leaving the complex, but come
to think of it she had never seen Michelle in this dress. So I guess it is a
fuck me dress, meant to be taken off. Would that be so bad?

"Clubbing it is, and if you wear that I'll be hard all night long, babe.
Cleo's it is then?" Brian moved to her and placed his hand on her hips,
but they weren’t there long, and they slipped down to caress her

It felt good, but Mary wasn’t used to this as Michelle was, and she moved away.
"Okay, Cleo's, should I change, I don't want you all over me until we get home."
A night of clubbing, and coming back here and letting Brian make love to me. It
will be a great memory, one I'll cherish forever.

"At Cleo's, I can't see it would matter what you came in wearing. You're funny,
Michelle, worrying about what to wear to Cleo's."

Mary had never heard of Cleo's, and she didn't understand Brian's comment, but
she trusted him, and it would not look good for her to nag at him with questions
about a place Michelle had obviously been to. Maybe it’s very casual, they don’t
care what you wear. The dress will be fine.

"Can you give me so time for makeup, or do we have to rush?"

"We have time. I'll be in the living room, and I’ll put on some music."

Unsteady from all that had gone on, Mary felt good settling into Michelle's
makeup table, although she just put on lip gloss and some touchup. Michelle
is so naturally beautiful she doesn't need a lot of makeup.

Okay, so I go clubbing with Brian and we come back here and have
great sex, which I’ll remember my whole life. Then I have to sneak
out if he stays the night, or else he’ll wake up beside scary Mary. So I
sneak out in the middle of the night to go back to my apartment, but that
doesn't really work either because he’ll wake up in Michelle's apartment
with her gone. One good thing though, she may be trying to call him at
his place, so if he’s here at least he doesn't get those calls. More nervous
and tense than she had been in years, Mary knew the stress could trigger
the change back earlier than the twelve hour maximum.

Sapphire Phelan
February 7th, 2009, 03:06 PM
Enjoy this excerpt from my erotic urban fantasy, BEING FAMILIAR WITH A WITCh--now available from Phase Books at

Warning: This title contains hot, graphic demonic sex that goes beyond magic.

This is the first book in a series.

ISBN: 978-1-60659-118-5

Tina doesn't know she's a witch. It will take Charun, her demon Familiar, to convince her to make love with him and let loose her witch powers.
For if she doesn't, then with the demon army about to bring Armageddon to the Mortal Realm on Halloween, she won't stand a chance in Hell.

A year later, Charun stood in front of the mirror on the wall and whispered a few words. The glass warped in and out, becoming something not unlike a television monitor. In it, he saw his witch working in the Cup of Tea and a Book bookstore, handing a bag of books over to a customer.

"She's gorgeous," he whispered.

He ached to reach his hand through the glass and finger the long, blonde strands of her hair. He itched to stroke the skin of her face and see if it felt as soft as it looked. He took a few steps back, for if he didn't he would jam his head through the glass and kiss her on the lips. His cock expanded, growing longer and harder than ever before. Lust tore through him like a ravenous animal ready to devour its prey.

The time had come.

About time, too.

Taking spirit form and not looking back, Charun rose from the bowels of Hell to the mortal realm. He touched ground just down the street from Cup of Tea and a Book bookstore and became a handsome, naked man. His staff waved before him like a proud, hissing snake, spitting even as precum beaded at the slit. He shook his head. No, it was too soon for him to assume the man form. He frowned, thinking.

A cat!

He would become a cat. That would do—for now. Just not a horny tomcat, as the pain of his arousal washed over him. He dodged into a nearby alley and worked his organ, biting his lips when he came.

Withdrawing his hand from his flaccid penis and using the other to prop himself against the building, he spoke in demon, "Denoch er nomonaty."

A strange feeling slammed into him and he cried out as he dropped to his knees on the pavement. Thrusting out a hand against the ground so he wouldn't topple over, he began to metamorphose, growing smaller and smaller as he did. Black fur sprouted all over his body and head. His ears sharpened into points and shot up over his head, while his hands and feet became paws edged with sharp claws. Whiskers pinged out of his cheeks, and from his buttocks snaked a long tail. He hunched over and then fell over onto his ass. Within seconds, his metamorphose completed, he was a black cat. Resisting the peculiar urge to wash his face, Charun stretched and rose onto all four paws. He padded over to a puddle of rainwater to inspect the change.

He sat down and viewed his reflection. Not bad looking as far as cats went. Lifting a paw, he splashed his image. Then he trotted to the street and paused to sniff the air. He sneezed as the full force of odors hit him. A multitude of different things, from the smell of blasted sunshine to the grime of city life. The lack of moisture in the air revealed that it would not rain for days. The last time it had stormed was last week. He had arrived a day too late.

He needed heavy rain to make his first appearance to his witch, as a reason for her to feel sorry for him and take him in. From what he remembered, she would not leave any animal drowning in a torrential downpour. But, from all the viewing he did of her growing up he knew she wasn't an impulsive person, either. She loved animals, but felt that she couldn't afford one right now in her life. He might end up in an animal shelter. This kind of operation needed the right things in place.

Timing was important, too, even now. His witch's survival was the true equation here. If she died before he made her a witch, he knew the fate for Earth if the demons took over. There was the matter of his lust for her, too. Relieving it wouldn't be bad, either.

He cocked his head and twitched his ears. He was a demon, with strong magic. Closing his eyes, he let his magic surround him with a shimmering golden light.

Lano'ste. Na la por lestano.

His fur stood on end, crackling. He widened his eyes as the magic burned within and outside with a violent heat close to atomic. It clenched his insides with an excruciating pain. He fell onto his side and barely noted when it shot away from him, heading toward the blue skies. It dusted the few white clouds drifting along and they became obsidian and pregnant with rain.

Still unsteady, he rolled onto his stomach and waited until the power quieted. Charun breathed in the rain's odor and gave a Cheshire cat grin. He rose to his paws and padded off as the sound of thunder vibrated in the air.

Fuck the weather forecasters and their predictions. With magic, he'd just turned their Doppler radar upside down.

Sapphire Phelan

Go beyond the usual, instead take the unusual that stretches the boundaries and find romance with Sapphire Phelan's aliens, werewolves, vampires, fairies, and other supernatural/otherworldly heroes and heroines.