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Nicole D Fergusson
February 3rd, 2013, 12:17 AM
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But I don't want to bore you. Onto the second excerpt!


The first time Luca turned into a werewolf was the first time Dahlia realised she’d never wanted her life to be like this.

“It was horrible,” Luca whispered. She felt powerless to do anything. In her socks and tracksuit pants, she crossed the room between them and threw her arms around him, holding him close to her. That image of them stayed with Dahlia long after Al came to pick him up; how gaunt he had looked and felt, and how tightly he had clutched that blanket to him.

Dahlia had always done so well at school before that. Even after her mum died, there had only been a short discernible dip in her grades but, with Luca’s help and some of Annabelle’s tutoring, she’d managed to pick that up again before long.

This was different.

She was twelve years old, and she was just about to start in a new school where none of the teachers and hardly any of the students knew her. They didn’t know to keep an eye out when her grades started slipping. For a while, Dahlia could get away with anything she liked.

Or so she told herself, right up until the time when she was sneaking back towards class after taking an extended lunch break with a bunch of other kids who smoked near the fences at the farthermost reach of the high school borders. Dahlia’s eyes widened as she made out the figure of a stern-looking Luca. He stood cross-armed by the school gate.

“You guys... go on without me,” she said dully to friends who didn’t even glance back at her as they left Dahlia on her own.

She slunk the rest of the way towards Luca. Halfway to him, she remembered determinedly to keep her head high.
“What’s up, Luca?” she asked calmly.

Luca’s nose wrinkled as she approached him, no doubt a reaction to the cigarette smell her clothes had picked up. He reached out then, without warning, to grab the sleave of her school uniform.

“Hey! Let go!” she told him. “I’ve got school right now!”

“Didn’t seem to bother you a few moments ago,” Luca growled.

“What do you know about a few moments ago?” Wrenching her arm in the process, she managed to wheedle her sleeve out of his hold. She glared at him still, sure that she’d only gotten so far because he’d let go at the last minute.

Ignoring her teenage belligerence, Luca set her with a look that said she’d better bloody well follow if she did not want to be dragged, before stalking off the school grounds.

Irritably, Dahlia shrugged her school windcheater back into place before properly storming after him. She wished that she partook in the black hair dyes, eyeliner and mascara that some of her friends wore. It would have suited her mood. Instead, she had to settle for dark brown hair, and a dark expression in her eyes.

“I should tell Annabelle about this,” she huffed at him, when she finally deigned to catch up. “Tell her about how you’re not being fair, and dragging me out of school.”

She would do no such thing. She would hide out in her room and let Luca and Annabelle have their time alone together before she said something that would make Annabelle turn him out of her home, but Luca didn’t know that.

“You’re right,” Luca said, surprising her. “It’s not fair.”

He had resumed his cross-armed stance, otherwise giving nothing away. Dahlia’s eyebrows rose into her forehead, but she should have known that his agreement with her held a catch.

“It’s not fair,” he continued, “that I have to go through my entire body changing at least once every month for the rest of my life, and the one person who I’ve always counted on, been there for—my best friend and sister—is too busy throwing a tantrum to be there for me.”

Regardless of the fact that he was eighteen years old, Luca was doing a pretty good job himself at the teenage belligerence. Dahlia wanted to throw further insult in his face, but then the weight of his words shook her with their impact. She opened and closed her mouth a couple of times but, when no words came to the fore, she hunkered back in the safe ground of silent belligerence.

Luca looked at her for a moment, before he just nodded. “I see. So this is why I haven’t seen you for the last three months.” When she still said nothing, he added, “Good to know what all these years of friendship have been worth.”

Without waiting any longer for her to have a reaction, Luca turned away from her, and began to start on his way.

Sudden fear that this would be the very last thing he said to her spurred her into action without her conscious thought. “No, Luca, wait!” Words burst from her without her necessarily meaning to say them. His back was still to her, and she was without any impression at all of his emotional state. “It was meant to be just you and me!” she cried. “You and me together in the middle of all the werewolves and the vampires and everything else. Nothing was supposed to touch us. It was just meant to be us. And now...”

She couldn’t make herself say it. There was no way that she could say it without it being obvious from her tone exactly what she thought of Luca having become a werewolf. It wasn’t something that was his fault, or anything. But she couldn’t help the way she felt either.

The tone was there in Luca’s voice when he spoke a couple of seconds later anyway. “I’m a werewolf,” he said.


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February 5th, 2013, 01:58 AM
This is one of my favorite scenes in Gothic it's just so bloody realistic. You really get the whole teenaged angst thing and how both feel. Good job! I loved it! :-)