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March 25th, 2013, 09:55 PM
:clover: I enjoyed reading this book just loved it.
Jennifer Echols
The Romantic Comedies
The Ex Games
The Ex Games a comedy about two ex's who were together back in seventh grade, who are n ow in the eleventh grade-as friends. Hayden and Nick; Hayden a country girl and Nick comes from a wealthy family. The new girl in town gets the boy, get there is a bet involved if he can get the new girl. She finds out about this and breaks things off with him. Now in the eleventh grade her friends Chloe and Liz are now dating his friends Gavin and Davis. Since their friends are dating each other they want Nick and Hayden back together. During Christmas break everyone goes up to the mountains to do some skiing. Nick and Hayden are fighting and from this fight emerges a bet of who is the best skier. But everyone thinks this bet is going to end up with them getting back together. Will this bet bring them together or tear them apart?
Enjoyed reading this book very funny with the connection going on between Nick and Hayden or sometimes Hoyden when he is teasing her. These two people are cute together. especially when they are fighting. Both of their friends are dating each other and they want Nick and Hayden to be together as well. She has loved Nick since the seventh grade but since that bet she does not trust him at all. He comes from money and can have any girl he wants yet he only wants one-Hayden. Josh is Hayden's little brother who are at heads almost all the time. So when he writes "boy toy" on his jeans she actually wears them around town. But they push one another when they are skiing to make each other better. Gavin, Davis, Chloe, and Liz are friends you would want to have around you when you need a shoulder to lean on.
I felt like I was on the ride with them, especially with the connection going on between the two. These are two people who belong together but first they must figure out some things first.:wideeyed: