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JoAnne Myers
April 7th, 2013, 05:09 PM
Hello everyone sorry it took so long to get back. I just got home from work. I will be home for the remainder of the evening. It looks like rain here.

DARK VISIONS-word count 5,170

When Carrie Reynold’s starts having nightmares on her twenty-sixth birthday, she believes her “dark visions” can solve the twenty year disappearance of her father.


My life’s worth wont be counted by my stuff.
I’ve spent to many years, acquiring to much.
My kids think I’m foolish, with all the purses and shoes.
But I always say, “when its on sale, what can ya lose?”
My stuff will be here way after I’m gone.
Other’s may have it. I learned to move on.
They can stow it away, or throw it away.
I don’t really care.
Just keep a few treasures, to remember me by.
Like my books, or paintings, that someday might be rare.
What surprises are in store for me, on my very last days?
Will they burn it all up, keeping only the life’s lessons I shared.
That when ruled by truth; love and friendship,
will always there.
It doesn’t really matter, since its only stuff.
My time with my kids was precious, as love should always be.
Full of joy and tears, through smooth times and rough.
Hugs that went on forever, like the endless sea.
So save all my stuff or discard it on a whim.
</dir> Just keep my favorite blue dress to bury me in.</dir>

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