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October 29th, 2007, 05:49 AM
I'm pleased to announce that the second book in the Swithin Chronicles is now available from Loose-id. My editor told me that emotionally and otherwise, it is one of the strongest middle books she has ever seen. If you've not read book one you could still read book two and I'm planning to sub book three at the end of the year so the wait for the third and last installment won't be so long. If you've read the first one the second book is better (and hotter). :o) And if anyone loves Ryanac, this book is most definitely for them.

Also, please note that while these book involve a race that freely take lovers of either sex and there are a couple of m/f scenes, this is definitely a m/m romance. The longest, hottest scenes involve my 'guys'. :o) I'm afraid I can't post an excerpt here as they're all too hot but the excerpt on my loose-id page is well worth wandering over to.

In book one, Uly a street thief, had to teach Markis how to let go of control. In book two...

Behind every great comet there's a tale...

Markis Shaver, the Swithin Prince, has everything he ever thought he could want. He has Uly Samir -- his true love -- and he has found happiness again in the arms of Ryanac, his personal guard and best friend. He also has a woman any man would be proud to have as his wife to stand at his side as queen. They are on the way to the Swithin city, his homeland where he will rule as King. He's also beginning to control the comet. It no longer has its wicked way with him. He should be happy.

Uly has the love of a wonderful man. Markis loves him. He has much to look forward to and more than he ever dreamed of obtaining. He should be in high spirits.

Ryanac has manipulated Markis into embracing love and as he always believed, it has freed the man he loves from abject misery. It has also rekindled their relationship. He should be contented.

Tressa has a good man for a husband, three men to see to her highly sexed needs and she has escaped the backward views of her nation. She should be elated.

The four of them have a tedious two-week journey to undertake. What else should they fill these boring nights with but passion? They should be ecstatic ... if a little exhausted.

So, what is going wrong with their new intimate 'quartet?'

Markis has also stolen a book and he wants to try a little 'experiment' he has found in its pages. He needs Ryanac's help but it will let Markis deep into Ryanac's psyche and neither of them are sure this is a good thing. Even worse, Ryanac has always been the tail of the comet but he might not be the only one following.

Behind a great man, there is another, and another ... and a woman. Life should be great but even the best of relationships don't always run smoothly. Alas, personal struggles are not the only enemy...


Sharon Maria Bidwell
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October 30th, 2007, 01:22 AM
This sounds very interesting Shazzz! I have a feeling I'll be checking it out further. :biggrin:

October 30th, 2007, 04:54 AM
:o) Thanks and right this minute I'm working on book 3. Just a few pesky scenes to finalise before I sub and then it will sit quietly waiting for my editor to find time for it. It will feel so strange to finish this. These guys have been part of my life for a long time. *sniff* lol.

November 1st, 2007, 12:29 AM
It's understandable. It's always difficult to let something go that's been with you for a while. I'm actually going throught that right now, but not with a story.