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October 30th, 2007, 08:41 PM
Isabella in Pearls by Melanie Gilbreath

Can one uptight, slightly neurotic schoolteacher and one completely unrespectable, rough-around-the-edges guy find true love and keep it despite their differences? Join Isabella and Jaysun as they try to find out. One thing’s for sure; being unrespectable was never so tempting… or so much fun!

Available from Dark Eden Press!


“Thank you for being so kind to my brother, and me, this evening Jaysun, and for being discreet,” she interrupted him, “I shall tell Alex he needs to call you in the morning.” She reached for the doorknob.
His arm blocked her from opening it. “I want to see you again.”
She flinched back from him and shook her head. “No.”
“Why not?”
“Why would you want to?”
“You’re a beautiful woman, Isabella, I’d like to see you when you’re not so buttoned-up and prissy.”
Men were all alike, one minute charming and gentlemanly the next shoving their feet in their mouths, buttoned up and prissy indeed! Of all the nerve! Her overwrought emotions couldn’t take one bit more. She drew herself up and gave him a withering look. “I cannot fathom why you would want to see me again. I am plainly not your type. As you pointed out, I am buttoned up and prissy and I certainly have no prurient fantasies that I feel an overwhelming urge to live out, Mr. Brenton. I assure you, I’m not the least bit kinky and have no interest in being trussed and tied. Frankly, I find the idea that you think I may insulting.”
The look he gave her would have cowed a lesser woman, but Isabella was not one of his little playthings and she returned the stare unflinchingly.
He stepped closer. “You think so, Isabella? I don’t know, in my experience, the more reserved, the more buttoned up a woman is, the more she enjoys giving up control.”
His body crowded hers and she pressed back against the door; her eyes widening. For the second time that night, rendered completely and utterly speechless. Gone was the polite host that had been so gracious and in his place was this- this barbarian. Jaysun stepped closer, so close that she could feel the hardness of his body even through her coat, his eyes staring into hers. She felt exposed, as if he was dipping into her mind and seeing into all the dark corners where she kept her deepest secrets.
Seconds ticked by as they stared at each other, Isabella’s entire body felt flushed, she was hot, so hot she could barely breathe. The world narrowed to him; his eyes, his warm breath feathering across her cheek, the hard press of his body against hers. Desire rushed through her. That beautiful mouth parted and he swiped his tongue across his bottom lip. The movement entranced her. She could not look away. “Wha- what are you doing?” she stammered.

It provoked him, the icy disdain that dripped from her voice, the way she worded her refusal to see him again. It made her sound remote, untouchable. Jaysun wanted to strip her naked and show her just how touchable she was. “I haven’t done anything yet. But,” he dipped his head to hers so their lips almost touched. “I’m going to kiss you.”

“Oh, you are?” Her husky, breathy whisper sent a tingle shooting down his spine and straight to his dick.
“I am,” he lowered his mouth to hers. Her lips parted hesitantly and he deepened the kiss, his tongue sweeping in to tease hers, drawing it into a sensuous dance. The taste of her went straight to his head and her low moan was all the encouragement he needed. He pressed closer, threading his hands into her hair, holding her still while he took his time exploring her mouth.
Her hands clutched his biceps and she whimpered low in her throat, responding with an unskilled, wanton urgency that made Jaysun want to toss her on her back and teach her a thing or two. Her naïveté excited him. He’d had his fill of jaded, experienced women. He pushed his hips against hers, his mouth traveling along the line of her neck and caressed the pulse that was beginning to beat frantically there. “Good, Isabella?”
He gave her no chance to reply before he kissed her again; devouring her mouth with an intensity that surprised him. She moaned, more than receptive to his demanding mouth. Pressing herself against him, Isabella surrendered her weight to him and wound her arms around his neck, returning the kiss enthusiastically.
Jaysun growled low in his throat. He suspected there would be heat between them but not this inferno. That damn coat was in his way, he wanted to tear the thing from her so he could get the feel of her body against his. Shit fire, this was happening way too fast. Using what was, in his opinion, superhuman effort he lifted his head. She looked too sexy with her moist, swollen lips and her gray eyes dark and dazed. Goddamn he wanted her!