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Maura Anderson
November 2nd, 2007, 02:45 PM
Since I'm new here, I thought I'd also let people know that I have a free, monthly newletter that features:

Breaking News
Ask the Author - Q&A
Witch's Corner Article
Monthly Subscriber Drawing - Usually it's jewelry because I make it
Free Read

Witch's Corner consists of essays I write about my lifestyle and thoughts.

My ongoing free read is a paranormal erotic romance in my Coyote Clans universe called "Games Coyotes Play" and chapter two is currently up.

I draw names from my subscribers each month and they win whatever the prize may be. Jewelry making is my hobby, so it's often things like chainmal jewelry, but you can only win if you are a subscriber.

Please stop by and take a look at it here (http://www.realmsoftheraven.com/newsletter/). There's a Feedblitz subscription button on the sidebar and you will need to confirm your registration for security.

Let me know what you think!