View Full Version : Contest & Blurbs, Torrid Teaser vol 39

November 26th, 2007, 11:05 AM
I'm having a contest to celebrate my upcoming Christmas Fantasy Torrid Teaser, vol.39!

It's easy! Here's the link!



Forbidden love, lonely hearts, demons, dwarves and Santa. Two sensual Christmas Fantasies to warm your heart this Holiday season.

Christmas Wizardy:
Daniel, High Wizard of the Earth, saves Merri from demons. Inside the Daniel’s Dark Tower they are safe from the demons, but will two lonely people find something more than a little Christmas cheer?

Wishing Rights:
Mallow, a dwarven widow, rescues Pascal, an elf from the North Pole, when he is injured in a rockslide. But elves do not marry dwarves. Someday he will have to return to his own land.

Pascal, though, is an elf, with a connection to Christmas, and an understanding of his Wishing Rights…