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November 27th, 2007, 03:31 PM
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Sex, Lies, and Celluloid is cowritten with Chris Owen! We're really proud of this one. Here's an excerpt!


Daniel had chosen well; his trick's chest was nicely muscled, if a bit hairy for my taste, and the guy's tongue was hungry, tasting Daniel's throat and earlobe before pushing back into his mouth.

I was glad I couldn't hear them. Sound would have been a bit much, and technically, I was doing my job by seeing. If I was still doing my job, as I was already holding out on the client. I pushed that thought away and watched; it was easier than thinking.

Daniel and the man kissed for a while, hands still busy with the not-small matter of shedding clothes. Daniel finished with the shirt about the same time that his hook-up started on Daniel's, and I got a nice glimpse of flat abs before the kiss ended, the blond moving his head down to Daniel's chest. Then I was really glad I couldn't hear, the way Daniel's eyes closed and he started talking. The man really liked to talk when he was
getting off.

I watched the other guy for a moment, but really, I found Daniel's face more interesting. His lips looked swollen from the kissing, his brow kept furrowing and relaxing, and he'd roll his head from one side to the other every so often. Suddenly, his mouth opened wide, presumably a gasp, and I glanced down to see the trick's head in Daniel's lap. Daniel's fingers pushed into the man's hair and he started talking again, maybe begging, maybe issuing orders, it was hard to tell.

Secretly, I decided to go with begging.

Whatever Daniel said got the guy moving. He lifted up a bit and I shifted myself slightly to the right so I could see him open up Daniel's pants and tug them down. I might have had to remind myself to breathe as Daniel's cock strained up. Oddly for Daniel, though, the guy didn't just get to work sucking him off; instead, Daniel hauled the man up so he could return the favor, and with a bit of wriggling they were kissing again, groping and stroking and I was having serious worries about the couch withstanding the action. I was having serious worries whether I could, as well.

I saw a flash of foil and then the guy said something to Daniel and they got up off the couch, still groping each other as they disappeared from view. I turned to follow them farther toward the back of the building and tripped over my own damn feet. There was no saving this one and I thrust both hands out in front of me, scraping the skin of both palms and one elbow as I hit the pavement.

I managed not to swear out loud and it was a damn good thing because I turned my head to find the bedroom window maybe a foot from my face and it was open.

Daniel and his buddy tumbled onto the bed, parting only long enough to get rid of the rest of their clothes, and then they were back at it, all hands and mouths and fast breathing.

"Jesus, yeah," Daniel said, his voice taking on a tone that was becoming far too familiar to me. He rolled a little on the bed, onto his side, and threw his leg up over the guy's hip.

"Come on."

The blond laughed breathlessly, the foil packet sounding obscenely loud as he tore it open.

"Lube's in the drawer," he said, pointing.

Daniel reached, moving up the bed, and stretched out his body like a hot buffet while he fumbled for the lube. The other man didn't waste time making a feast of Daniel, either, licking and biting and going for Daniel's cock with his mouth, while his hands got the rubber out and on.

Daniel's face looked almost pained, he was so impatient. He squirted the lube into his own hand and wrapped his fingers around the other guy's prick, tugging hard and winning a groan from him. The guy finally shoved Daniel's hand away and lubed up two fingers. He slipped them into Daniel's ass and I swear at that moment Daniel looked about ten years younger. His eyes went wide and he gasped loudly, and although it didn't last more than a second, it was an image I wasn't soon to forget.

"Yes!" Daniel managed to say with a choked sound, and then the trick crawled over him, lined up, and replaced his fingers with a thick, solid cock.

"Jesus Christ," the man grunted. "You sure you're ready?"

Daniel nodded frantically then reached above his head and braced his hands on the wall.

"Trust me. You're doing just fine."

"Good." The guy grinned and dipped his head to take another kiss, his hips rolling slowly. Even with the kiss, I could hear the whimpering sound Daniel made with each thrust.

I bit my lip to keep from whimpering with him. The guy had a great body and even better rhythm. He didn't rush, but he didn't waste anyone's time, either, alternating long strokes with short snaps of his hips. Daniel arched and writhed under him, his locked elbows affording him enough leverage to move his hips as well, grinding against the invasion when he could.

I shifted to save myself the humiliation of trying to hump the pavement and sat up enough to palm my aching erection through my pants. There wasn't much hope for me. It wasn't going to take much for me to completely lose my cool. I watched a few more minutes, taking in the blissed-out look on Daniel's face, and then I had to move. I scrambled up as quietly as I could and hurried to the wall beside the bedroom window. I pressed my forehead against the chilly bricks and pulled my cock out through my fly, hoping my coat would hide things well enough should anyone happen by.

Jesus Christ, I was going to get my sorry, pathetic, perverted ass arrested.

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