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January 1st, 2008, 12:58 PM
Do you ever wonder if God really hears you? Have you looked around and seen what looks like wonderful things happening for everyone else but you?

Welcome to Gina Taylor's world.

Gina grew up in a loving, God-fearing family. With two older brothers and great parents, she had everything. But, a week after her ninth birthday, life took a sharp turn and nothing was ever the same.

Gina thinks God abandoned her that night, but she's about to learn that "No one strikes out with God."

Strikes Don't Matter - coming January 25 to By Grace Publishing. Stay tuned for excerpts and background throughout the month.

January 4th, 2008, 01:10 PM
Strikes Don't Matter
by Denise Patrick
By Grace Publishing
January 2008

No one strikes out with God.

Gina Taylor left God behind after high school. A paralegal in a large, prestigious law firm in Salt Lake City, she's settled and content with her life. So -- why does she have the feeling something is missing?

The last place Adam Wilson would choose to live is Utah. Packed off to an out-of-state college after turbulent high school years, he's established himself and is on track to achieve his dream of becoming a partner in the law firm he works for.

God, however, has other plans, and bringing Gina back into the fold with Adam's help will force them both to decide where their futures lie.

January 10th, 2008, 01:12 PM
What do you know about Tucson, Arizona? Have you ever been there? Ever wanted to go there? I, personally, think it's a lovely place, but I love the desert southwest.

What does everyone else think?

January 10th, 2008, 01:24 PM
No Idea! Haven't been. LOL

You should take pictures!

January 14th, 2008, 03:59 PM
Check out the Tucson Tourism Site (http://www.visittucson.org/phototour1/phototour/index.cfm?ContentID=228&Reset=0&col=0). The photo gallery (the link) has some great pictures - especially the History and Culture section.

Oh, and if you're interested in winning something from Tucson, hop over to the By Grace loop (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/bgpreadersloop/?yguid=291354749) and post. I'll be drawing a name later today.

January 14th, 2008, 07:24 PM
Here's an excerpt to whet your appetite. Enjoy!
Strikes Don't Matter
by Denise Patrick
By Grace Publishing
© January 2008

Gina stared critically at herself in the mirror. Her dress was a pale blue cotton eyelet. The simple lines were smooth, hugging her curves comfortably before flaring out into a full skirt that ended just below her knees. A heart-shaped pendant on a gold chain drew attention to the small amount of cleavage showing above the sweetheart neckline. With it she wore matching strappy sandals with wedge heels. Even with the extra three inches, she knew Adam would still top her by at least three or four more. Tortoiseshell combs pulled her hair back from her face and allowed the heavy auburn curls to tumble down her back. She'd given up on make-up in the last few years, but tonight warranted the application of clear lip gloss and a small amount of mascara, purchased during the afternoon's outing at the mall.
What would Adam think? Would he find her attractive? She hadn't dressed to impress anyone in a long time, preferring comfort over show. Tonight, however, she wanted him to look at her with more than casual interest.
A knock on her bedroom door drew her from her thoughts. It was Sara.
"That's a lovely dress. A good color on you."
"Thanks. Are you all done?"
"Yes. I've tortured him enough tonight," she laughed. "Not that he was concentrating very well in the first place. So you might as well go and put him out of his misery."
Gina blushed at Sara's intimation that Adam's inattention had anything to do with her, but picked up her purse, slung it over her shoulder, and followed Sara from the room.
Adam and Craig were standing near the front door. The two were laughing at a shared joke. When Adam turned to look at her, those firm lips curved in a devastating smile, that traitorous organ in her chest nearly stopped beating. He wore dark slacks topped by a long-sleeved button-down shirt and dark tie. Muscular forearms lightly dusted with fine, dark hair were exposed beneath sleeves rolled back nearly to his elbows.
Oh lordy. If all it took for her heart to react was a smile, she was in serious trouble Ė and they hadn't even left the house yet.
Craig turned and she hoped, for once, he would remain quiet. She loved her brother dearly, but there were times when he said the oddest things. She was nervous enough as it was; she didn't need him to play the part of a big brother, as if she was a teenager going on her first date. Luck was on her side tonight, for Craig only winked at her and turned to Adam, "Looks like Gina's ready, so I won't keep you. Have a good time."
She let out the breath she hadn't realized she was holding.
"Shall we go?" Adam's rich voice tugged at her.
Unable to find her own, she nodded and preceded him out the door.
Once on their way, he glanced over at her. "Do you mind if we make a quick stop before dinner? Our reservations aren't until seven-thirty."
"I need to check on my grandparents. My grandfather sprained his ankle today. He's a bear when laid up. I just want to make sure my grandmother hasn't poisoned him."
She chuckled. "Is she likely to have?"
"Not really. Although, I wouldn't put it past her to slip him a sleeping pill with his pain pill."
As she stepped out of the car at his grandparents', the scent of roses reached her on the warm breeze and she noticed the colorful profusion of flowers clustered at the front of the house. Their visit was short. His grandmother met them with a speculative gleam in her eyes, causing her stomach to contract. It was his grandfather, however, who made her blush hot enough to need a fire extinguisher when he called her over and whispered to her, "No further than first base. And, you make him work for that, you hear?"
Her choked laughter drew Adam's eyes, and she tried extremely hard, without success, to smother her giggles. When they left, she knew Adam expected her to share the joke, but she couldn't. Not without turning crimson all over again. The anticipation generated by his grandfather's comment sent her imagination into overdrive.
"Has your grandfather always been such a curmudgeon?"
"He's always been a bit of a jokester, but lately I think his age is getting to him. He'll be eighty in October, and all of these little mishaps remind him he's not as young as he used to be."
She smiled. "My father always says, if you don't like birthdays, consider the alternative."
He hooted with laughter, his deep voice raising goosebumps on her skin.
"I have to meet your father one of these days."
Butterflies exploded in her stomach. Did he mean that? Her mouth went dry at the thought; the possibilities.
Unaware of the turmoil he was causing, Adam continued. "Perhaps the next time I come to Salt Lake."

January 23rd, 2008, 12:23 AM
I have a cover!! Now, let's see if I can post it. (I had to add a border - otherwise the cover blended into the background.)

Woo-hoo, it worked. So, whatcha think?

January 23rd, 2008, 02:27 PM
Cute! Very cute!

And you are right..that cover would have blended. Good think you added that border! ongrats Denise!

January 24th, 2008, 01:01 AM
Thanks, Karenne.

I wasn't so sure about it at first, but it's growing on me!

January 24th, 2008, 12:17 PM
nods..I can understand that, but I do like cute and unique covers. And this one is both and will stay in my brain :-*

January 24th, 2008, 12:24 PM
There's a new excerpt up on my publisher's blog.

The blog is here (http://uniqueenterprises.blogspot.com) and the specific excerpt post is here (http://uniqueenterprises.blogspot.com/2008/01/strikes-dont-matter-by-denise-patrick.html). At least for today, either link will take you to the excerpt.


January 24th, 2008, 12:27 PM
Pretty Humingbird art work on the side.

Thanks for letting me know about the blog excerpt!

January 26th, 2008, 05:39 PM
Strikes Don't Matter is available now from By Grace Publishing! Omigosh, now someone might want to read it!!:swoon:

January 26th, 2008, 10:47 PM
lol Yeah!!!!Bouncy Icon Smilie

February 22nd, 2008, 11:26 PM
I love getting reviews - especially when they're good. But, fan letters are in a different category altogether.

This week, I got a letter from someone who read Strikes. It was great! Specifically, the note said, "Your people are real. Your balance of sensuality and spirituality reflect your awareness of what it means to be human."

Yeah, I'm walking on air.

March 5th, 2008, 12:34 AM
5 Angels from Fallen Angel Reviews!!

Linda had this to say: Strikes Donít Matter is a magnificent read that even lends a ray of sunshine to the reader. . .Denise Patrick brilliantly spins a top-notch read that is purely enjoyable. Her writing is always superb, and I love the way she fashions everything to pull in the reader making them a part of the story. . .It took faith and love for Adam and Gina to work out any differences and watching them grow from that experience was indeed well-worth the read.

Read the entire review (http://fallenangelreviews.com/2008/February/LindaL-StrikesDontMatter.htm).

Now THAT absolutely made my day!!

Thank you, Linda!