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HeartFelt Promos
April 17th, 2006, 11:51 PM
Please post your excerpt and your web site for readers!

April 22nd, 2006, 11:48 PM
Chippewa Publishing Presents

A Cup of Joe


Carly Shields

Kyle watched Joe with amazement. Every elegant move the man made was pure elf, yet he carried his human side very well. Did he have any idea who he was? Obviously not.

"What is your name?" Kyle asked as he took the cardboard cup of latte from Joe.

"My name is Joe. Careful, that's hot."

"Hi, Joe." Kyle pushed his hand toward Joe who took it and shook. Kyle held his breath while he allowed Joe's magic to take over his body. His pants suddenly felt extremely tight.

"You have quite a powerful punch of magic there, Joe."

"Magic?" Joe scoffed, "I don't believe in magic."

"Ah, but you should, fair chap. It is strong within you."

"I don't know what you're talking about. I'm a devout Irish Catholic. Magic is a sin."

"Well, then, so are other things that you crave, dear boy." Kyle smiled when he noticed the sudden lustful look in Joe's eyes.

"That will be three-fifty." Joe wiped the counter with a rag as his customer picked up the cup.

Kyle handed him a five. "Keep the change, Joe."

Joe took the five and leaned over the counter closer to Kyle as if hiding a secret. "Wait...how did you know?"

"What, that you're magic?" Kyle smiled and took in the sweet smell of Joe's sweat mixed with expensive cologne.

"No. Not magic. Know that I'm not exactly straight."

© 2005, Carly Shields

Available at Chippewa Publishing LLC

July 29th, 2006, 04:42 PM
This is one of my absolute favorite genres. Hey does anyone out there have a m/m book you'd like to discuss? I would love to hear about it!

Linda L Lattimer
August 5th, 2006, 12:48 PM
I read Ransom, the other night by Lee Rowan, have you read it yet?


IM Cupnjava
October 25th, 2006, 08:31 AM
This is one of my absolute favorite genres. Hey does anyone out there have a m/m book you'd like to discuss? I would love to hear about it!

Ah, we're together on this one, Susan. All my stuff is m/m. My debut novel, "Full Circle", should be out later this year. I'll put an excerpt up in my author's forum in a bit.

October 28th, 2006, 12:45 PM
Thanks! I am going to look at your author board now!

IM Cupnjava
October 28th, 2006, 01:19 PM
Thanks! I am going to look at your author board now!

Hope ya like it. :)

Laura Baumbach
November 5th, 2006, 02:51 AM
Hi all,
My name si Laura Baumbach and I write M/M erotic romances. My site can be seen here:
and a listing of other great M/M authors can be seen here:
There is a great art drawing going on on manloveromance featuring a $300 lithograph by gay artist Steve Walker. Our *announcements only* newsletter group will be coming out on the 15th, showcasing 40 talented M/M authors and their recent releases, public appearnaces and future plans. Join the newsletter here:

My own latest release in print, DETAILS OF THE HUNT is now availabel on lulu.com
and will be available on Amazon and B&N in about 6 weeks!
E book copies are available through LooseID here:
Both boost awesome cover art by two fabulous artists. E book versions have Anne Cain's flowing water color images and the print version has an original oil painting by Lorraine Brevig!

Here is an excerpt from it for you:
by Laura Baumbach

Maymon bit at his lower lip in an uncharacteristic show of anxiety, and then tentatively said, “And even if a body wanted more from another gent,” a long hidden desire filled his tone and touched his eyes, conveying what he was having trouble putting into words, “sodomy is a hanging offense...and no one looks good with a noose round his neck, guv.” He swallowed hard, letting his own eyes drift repeatedly down and then away from Talos' grip on the alien's own long, thick shaft. He forced his lust-filled gaze to lock on Talos' guarded expression and softly, hopefully asked, “I'm hoping the rules might have changed a bit in the last eight hundred years or so, have they?”
He stared at Talos, neither one moving, both gauging each other's sincerity.
Nostrils flaring and breath coming in short, hard puffs, Talos appeared to be restraining himself. The stone-hard muscles of his body quivered and his speech was little more than rumbled growl from deep in his chest as he demanded, “I want forever.”
Maymon's eyelids fluttered and his mouth hung open, stunned by the statement. No one had wanted him for more than a day, and then he was paying for the privilege with a hefty piece of coin. Never for just the pleasure of his company, for just himself. But forever was a long, long time.
He glanced away and huffed out a series of rapid breaths to clear away the confusion all this talk of love and commitment was causing. The heat of the room and his own rising desires served to compound his distress. He decided to throw all caution to the winds and go with frank honesty again. “I can't promise forever, guv.” He saw the light of hope start to fade from the Hunter's startling eyes and hastened to add, “but I'm willing to let you convince me of the profit in it.”
Talos covered the distance between them in one long stride and lifted a stunned, flustered Maymon off his feet, pinning him against a wet shower wall. Their chests met in a thud, driving the air from Maymon's lungs and slapping his head against the slick surface behind him.
Talos looked directly into Maymon's wide, black eyes and growled, “The rules have changed, Aidan.”
The rumble in the Hunter's chest vibrated into Maymon, shaking him all the way through to his wall-plastered spine. He saw something dark and lustful click in Talos' beastly eyes. A white hot blast of terrified passion flared in his blood and burned throughout his entire body until he thought his very heart and soul had been set on fire. The flames fanned higher and hotter when Talos butted his chin up with one gray, satiny cheek and darkly declared, “Now...now you're mine.”
Maymon's cock hardened painfully as the Hunter's rich, deep voice claimed possession of him. He was surprisingly thrilled to be so desired, thrilled and frightened. He knew this would mean problems for the Bounty Hunter. He was the coveted prize meant for others, but right now, as usual, all the young pirate was interested in was the moment and the overwhelming, unfamiliar emotion of being desired for more than his arse.
Oh, he was sure his arse was going to be the center of attention at some point soon, at least he hoped it was, but he also realized the great beastie wanted him, not just his hot, snug hole. Not only did the Hunter desire him, but he felt something shift inside of him each time he looked at the massive warrior. He had since the first time he laid eyes on Talos down under the murky, green sea. It felt amazingly different knowing that. His heart seemed to grow in his chest and his breathing became rapid and shallow. Everything felt more intense, more tantalizing, more stimulating, more untried to the young pirate.
So preoccupied with discovering he had feelings for the Hunter that went beyond mere sexual gratification, he was taken by surprise when a set of thin, warm, wet lips grazed across his own.
Maymon instantly jerked his face away. He felt a strong, massive hand grab onto his skull and gently but firmly hold his head still, soft supple lips working their way over and up and down his jawline and neck.
He weakly protested between grunted puffs of shallow air. “Gents...gents don't kiss, guv. Be like kissing ...ah,” a long wet swipe of Talos' tongue lapped over his Adam's apple making him squirm against the unrelenting hold on his head. “Kissing, oh, my,...,” another unexpected assault of lips and tongue began on the tender flesh behind one ear and Maymon gasped and arched his back in response. “Like kissing a swine's arse...rancid and coarse and hairy and....,” satiny lips kissed his closed eyelids and rained small touches down his cheeks, stopping to linger over one corner of his talking mouth. His own tongue automatically responded to the seductive sensations, tentatively poking through his parted lips between stuttered words. “Not something...I...I want to...do.”
Up until now, Maymon's hands had been latched onto Talos' brawny forearms, each new assault by Talos' talented silky lips made his hands clench and unclench as passion fought with his outdated prejudices. As Talos' lips skated over his mouth a second time, Maymon gave up the battle as he surged up within the gently confines of the Hunter's hold. He locked his lips firmly onto the insistent mouth exploring his face, arms wrapping tightly around Talos' stout neck, drawing the Hunter impossibly closer in a harsh, insistent embrace.
The passionate, almost violent kiss lasted for several long, breathless minutes as the two devoured each other. Maymon wrapped his legs around Talos' waist and hung on, running his hands over the hairless scalp and silky smooth skin of his lover. He broke away only when he found he was breathing so hard he was lightheaded and dizzy.
Pulling back in amazement to stare at Talos through half-lidded, passion-glazed eyes, Maymon sputtered in disbelief, “Brandy. Bloody hell, you taste like brandy. Better even than the bottle I stol—liberated from that last merchant ship.” He licked his swollen, tender lips, delighted and aroused by the way Talos' eyes hungrily followed the simple movement. “Shoulda listened to you before, luv,” Maymon smoldered. “Remind me of that now and then.” He dove back in for another blistering kiss, undaunted by the click of clashing teeth and the lack of sufficient air.

Want more? Click to buy here:

February 9th, 2007, 04:55 AM
I have never been able to find any of these books...but I will be sure ot look for them.. I don't really have any epserts but i have a little story that i Iwll share as soon as I find it...

Sapphire Phelan
February 12th, 2007, 10:17 AM
My first m/m erotic paranormal that will be in the Forbidden Love issue published by Under the Moon ( http://underthemoon.org ), Sacred Bands which will be out in time for Romantic Times Convention.
Sapphire Phelan

Go beyond the usual, instead take the unusual that stretches the boundaries and find romance with Sapphire Phelan's aliens, werewolves, vampires, fairies, and other supernatural/otherworldly heroes and heroines.

They're not just dark romantic heroes. they're dark romantic heroes with bite...sink your teeth into a romance by Sapphire Phelan today.

Michael never understood the compulsion to go to the beach. There, he meets Sevin Merrow, a Finman, a creature of the Sea, and a seductive sorceror. Michael begins to understand what the Dark Man wants of him as he weaves a sexual spell about him.
Will it lead to love, or something more darker and deadlier?

Unedited Excerpt:
Michael. Wake up and come to me. Salt water to land, lover to lover, you are mine.

Michael woke up, struggling and gasping. He felt as if he were drowning in sea water. Not just his body, but his heart and soul too. Then his breathing became normal again. Instead, hot waves of fire blazed as his cock hardened, leaving him aching and unfulfilled. Reaching down with his hand, he closed his eyes and played with the head first, then gripped the shaft, stroking it and seeking relief. He moaned, and the pleasure rose, thrumming until he peaked, screaming from the explosion and spewing onto both his belly and the covers. He let out short spurts of breath as his body continued to vibrate. He itched to touched himself again, masturbate. He had fucked women, but none of them ever brought him the ecstatic relief his own hand could.

“See what I do to you, my Michael,” said the dark voice in the room with him.

Michael screamed and sat up in bed, the blanket sliding down and uncovering his bare chest, pooling around his waist. The bedroom was dark, but he discerned the outline of someone standing by the rain-lashed window.

“Who are you and how the hell did you get in?” Michael demanded, frightened.

“I'm the reason behind the erotic dreams you've been having since you turned eighteen. I am the reason women turn you off. I am called Sevin Merrow and I will teach you a different kind of love, one that will bring you ecstasy.”

The shadow slowly approached the bed. Michael switched on the lamp standing on the table next to his bed. The soft glow from the halogen light lit up the lines of a man's stern, gloomy face, the skin dark. Long black hair fell over his shoulders like a waterfall and eyebrows black as sin slashed over dark eyes. A well-made man, he stood taller than Michael’s own six feet, with a lean and sinewy form. And naked as a newborn baby! His cock jutted up, thick and long, a pearly bead of pre cum at the tip.

“Where are your clothes?” Michael asked. A horrible thought crossed his mind. “Oh God, you’re going to rape me, aren’t you?” Instead of fear though, he began to feel excited at the thought.

The dark face glowered. “Do not say His name, it's abhorrent to me! And I assure you there will be no rape here tonight. You will give yourself freely to me." He drew nearer. “I have wanted you since the first time I dreamed of you at the bottom of the sea and so, I began to call to you. Finally after five years of cajoling you came here to me. Tonight, we will mate. Then you will come with me to Hildaland, to live with me as my lover.”

His eyes smoldered with a dark flame.

March 4th, 2007, 04:49 PM
I was looking online for a few of these types of books and I couldn't find any. Thanks for posting, I will look and see if I can find these.

March 10th, 2007, 01:07 AM
I happen to think reading aboot the m/m erotic is very enticing to me.. I don't know why tho. I would not want ot see them do it..But I imagine the words and make pictures and it is really arousing in a strange weird way.. thanks for all the excerpts.

Laura K
September 27th, 2007, 11:22 AM
I just finished Joey Hill's Rough Canvas. I didn't think she could pull off a M/M relationship with BDSM but boy, did she ever! I had what I call a "Hillgasm"- a few days of wanting nothing to do with a book again- just to recover from the intensity of it. I won an ebook of Claire Thompson's with an M/M theme and I will read it now. I feel that it's the "story" we should be concentrating on/not necessarily the sexuality. RC made me cry as well as moved me.

January 19th, 2008, 01:40 PM
Look no further! Here's an entire directory of glbt writers as Laura Baumbach pointed out in her post.

I'm one of the writers in that group, and I'd love to share my website with you as well. http://kayelleallen.com

I just finished a trilogy called Tales of the Chosen. You can find it at my publisher's site, Liquid Silver Books (http://liquidsilverbooks.com).

February 19th, 2008, 12:32 AM
Thank you for the opportunity to discuss good M/M books. This is one genre that I do love, hetrosexual chick that I am. Why... well one hot man is great... two or more is AWESOME! :) I belong to a couple of reader forums where we discuss M/M Romance

Books/Authors that I have had read or recommend to me:

Pure M/M
Morgan Hawke: Tempestuous & Torrid
Jet Mykles: Heaven Scent Series, Snagged and Tech Support
Kate Steele: A Sure-Fire Cure, Hossier Werewolves Series, Bond of the Malairi
Sean Micheal's: Jarhead Series
Chris Owen: Bareback
JL Langley: With/Without Series
ML Rhodes: Falling
KA Mitchell: Custom Ride
Willa Otaki: Big Enough For Five
Carol Lynne: Men In Love, esp later installments of the series.
Cameron Dane: Falling
Jules Jones: Spindthrift Series, Lord & Master
Drew Zachary: Freighter Flights
TA Chase

Menage M/M/F
Denise Rossetti: Pheonix Rising Series; Gift of the Goddess and Tailspin
Kate Douglas: Wolf Tales Series
Jade Buchanan: Felicdae & Pridelands Series
Samantha Kane

And of course as my Siggy says

Denise Rossetti's Strongman is being released in March.

February 20th, 2008, 01:56 PM
i hadn't read any m/m books untill i got the comming under fire anthology which has a few in it i even managed to get Rob to read some which is always a good thing

February 20th, 2008, 02:46 PM
Was that a shock to his system Hollie or did he do okay with them?

I read a m/m romance in an anthology too and really enjoyed. I have a few m/m stories too. I'm eagerly awaiting Denise Rossetti's new book Strongman. The first chapter she has up is good.