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September 9th, 2006, 02:19 PM
My short story What Fate Allows (written as Tammy Lee) is not up, and available at Memoware (click HERE (http://www.memoware.com/?screen=doc_detail&doc_id=18984&p=category^!Short~!language^!English~!) to go to file site) as both PDF and DOC file. (I suggest anyone using a PC to download it as a PDF file.) IT'S FREE.

Blurb: Human nature takes a decided twist when the whims of fate and destiny arrive.


Your future happens to you...
...that's fate.

How you handle what happens...
...that's character.

What fate and character create together...
…that’s destiny.

When fate and destiny get together electricity fills the air, and life is never quite the same again…ever.

“I can make him.”

“No you can’t.”

In a crowded bistro, a reed thin form in brilliant red dress crossed one slender leg and dangled a stilettoed foot with graceful confidence. She glared at across the table at her adversary who raised a skeptical brow.

“Just you watch,” the woman in the red dress said as she stood, smoothed the silky material over her hips and leered at the woman still sitting serenely opposite her.

“Don’t look at me like that,” red dress said. The other simply chuckled.

The red-dressed woman swirled around and flew off in a huff.

Still at the table the matronly woman sat back, and straightened a brooch on her sensible dress collar. “Just you watch,” she mimicked with a roll of her eyes. The pin carrying the symbol of destiny embossed in radiant gold on a luminous, swirling blue background shimmied on the material as the dowdy figure faded into ether.

The sky above New York City swirled in shades of blue and ominous gray. Kevin Drake looked up and pulled the collar of his slicker tighter around his neck and clenched his workout bag tighter to his side. “Damned luck!” he grumbled as he hurried across a busy intersection.

At the opposite corner he stopped and studied the building that reached into the heavens. Clouds tumbled around its peak and for a moment Kevin wondered if the God’s themselves held offices on the upper floors.

“Hey!” A perky voice made him jump, and then look over his shoulder to smile at Jennifer Trip’s vivacious face that brought hope to his dismal mood.

“Ready for the opportunity of a lifetime?”

He was never ready. Opportunity my ass, he thought. It’s just one more rejection, one more opportunity to be told he wasn’t good enough, one more opportunity to lose. He grabbed a flyer off a wall billboard and leered at the picture of a flying spirit leaping through the air and a man couching a dead woman in his arms beneath. ‘Opportunity Of A Lifetime’ was destined to be the toast of Broadway. How could it fail? With Anthony Jerrod producing it was practically guaranteed box office gold, and a future Tony winner without a doubt.

Thunder cracked the sky as Kevin opened the sparkling clean glass doors that lead into a pristine reception. He waited for Jennifer to bounce through before trudging in after her. Behind a long marble counter a woman in an expensive classic cut business suit looked up over her horn-rimmed glasses at him as he approached. Her hair pulled back in a tight bun made her features appear shaper than they probably were otherwise. Kevin’s mouth quivered in a weak smile. She glared back at him waiting… maybe not.