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February 13th, 2008, 11:03 PM
When Matrissa awoke, the garden was empty and she was alone. The soft orange light of the star Lithos shone down from low in the sky, the same position it held throughout all time on this strange planet. Lithos I was a huge rocky sphere so close to its small sun that it was tidally locked, one side always facing the heat and light of the star and one side locked in darkness but for the two circling moons. Life was eccentric here, shades existing in every color of the rainbow but dominantly gray. The flashy lifeforms which her ship had used as food and oxygen producers or décor would look gaudy next to the quiet contemplation of the Petrov’s garden.<o></o>
She took a deep breath and realized that, for the first time in the day and a half she’d been in this compound, she could breathe easily. He’d upped the level of carbon dioxide in the air and her skin tingled with the actions of her phytodermis soaking in the sun. She examined herself, noting her pigment had finally settled down to lavender, once it had decided on the most efficient scheme for absorbing energy from the star. If she had the right balance of carbon dioxide and water, her subspecies could last for months without ingesting food, as long as excessive exertion was not undertaken. The lavender of her skin turned to violet as a blush covered her naked body. Surely last night qualified as excessive exertion.<o></o>
She ached in all the right places. Unlike the hollow, lingering ache from the disease plaguing DMTR, these pains brought memories of luscious pleasure and reminders of her own disturbing pliability. She was literally putty in his hands. It was necessary to fight the instinct to trek into the house and demand her release. Or demand he let her climb up those massive thighs and ride that amazing cock until she was screaming her pleasure. Shivering, she stared out at the “garden”, a flowing carpet of varying shades of gray and green and blue. It was hard to tell if the landscape was botanical, mineral or rippling water held static in time. It was subtly beautiful and enigmatic, just like the man keeping her prisoner.<o></o>
Irav Tok cared enough about her to change the air mixture to accommodate her physiology, though that may be his desire to bargain with DMTR for an advantageous exchange. One healthy prisoner for the wealth of an interstellar genship. Ha! What wealth? The damn Karogian pirates had taken everything, leaving nothing but some mysterious illness in their wake. The sickness was incapacitating one after another of the crew, leaving mobile only the young like herself, barely past fifty standard years. Captain Honn was visibly shaking when she’d flown off in the patched-together shuttle on her mad mission.<o></o>
Infinity only knew who was in charge by now, given the physical weakness of the command staff. It could even be Ensign Jov, the most pathetic officer on the staff and the personal bane of her life since she was a sapling. For years he’d alternated between ruthlessly teasing her shyness and making overt sexual advances. She’d learned to fight back and now she was the second-rank staff physician, despite being so young.<o></o>
But maybe Jov was right. It had been up to her to come up with a solution and she’d failed. With the plague, the first-rank physician was so contorted with pain he couldn’t treat his patients, much less perform a grand act of larceny. Instead of dealing with minor wounds or body sculpting left for the second-rank doc, she had to come up with this insane plan to sneak down to the planet they’d been stranded near and steal the tool that would allow her to diagnose what the grall was going on with her crewmates. And herself. She absently rubbed the elbow that throbbed with the first symptoms.<o></o>
HLL Conglomerate was known for thousands of parsecs as infinitely patient and ruthless negotiators. They would not let her attempted theft go unpunished and if they knew of the weakness of DMTR they would not hesitate to take the ship in payment for any cure they might be able to offer, leaving her friends and family with nothing. She had refused and would continue to refuse to tell Petrov Tok why she had tried to steal his spectral X-ray analyzer and a complete set of mineral base samples. Let him think she was merely an inept thief. Anything but that DMTR was in a fight for its life. She’d play dumb and try to keep his attentions focused on her while her shipmates thought their way out of this mess.<o></o>
It was for the good of the ship—it was sacrifice. It wasn’t that she liked being at the mercy of the sexiest man she’d ever known, trying to get him to take advantage of her body every single chance he got. No, no—she’d much rather be safe and sound among the nice tame men of DMTR. Wouldn’t she?<o></o>
She was using the man. Sure, he’d rescued her from the freezing cold of the dark side of the planet where she’d collapsed in her badly patched envirosuit. But he was only tracking his stolen goods back to her shuttle. Taking her to his home and healing her was just in his commercial best interests, though he had every right to let her freeze solid for stealing his personal property. She needed him only because he had the technology and the resources to cure her penniless people. If she had to pay with her body…there were worse fates.