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February 25th, 2008, 11:49 PM

Pretty cover isnt it? LOL! It might get changed but this is the "working" cover for the book. Its due out later this year. here's the blurb:
Dalton Royce is one of the last royal fey left on earth, and leads a very solitary existence just outside London, where he grows and breeds some very rare and very exotic plants and flowers. When he sees Spiria at a plant show in London, and hears her asking after some very expensive and very rare clippings for her collection, he notices a kindred spirit and has to meet her. Little does he know that Spiria is the last Earth elemental dragon left, and gaining her trust, let alone her heart is going to be harder then he ever expected.

When a threat from her past surfaces, Spiria’s life is in danger all over again, and Dalton makes it his personal mission to see the woman that captured his heart after eons of loneliness is safe and forever in his arms.

What do you guys think?

February 25th, 2008, 11:53 PM
I love it!

Stella...I have to tell you...I honestly didn't know you wrote dragon books. I happen to have an affinity for them and don't find them very often.

I am so happy that you have joined our forum family and made a little corner for yourself here!

I am just about giddy!

February 26th, 2008, 12:09 AM
*giggle* Yeah our Dragons books are some of our biggest sellers... Im happy people like them, especially because they arent normal kinda dragon books. These take place here and now... and apparently people seem to like the contemporary setting.

Im just happy people are reading them and enjoying them... Im looking forward to Moongardens coming out.

February 26th, 2008, 11:31 AM
(jumping up and down like a 5 year old) squeel- I love it!!! So Dalton is fae this should be very interesting! Oh now I can't wait!!!

February 26th, 2008, 11:33 AM
does this mean that Perrin will get his own book also??????

February 26th, 2008, 11:36 AM
Yes, but not for a while yet... his heroine has still yet to be born...

But the 4th book has to do with a Dragon noone has met yet, Myst, the last air dragon...

February 26th, 2008, 11:45 AM
how many Dragon books do you have planned? From what I understood Perrin is still pretty young right or did I pull that out of nowhere?

February 26th, 2008, 01:00 PM
theres 5 planned, though Perrin's book could be considered part of the next generation of the demons series... Perrin is rather young for a dragon... but hes about the same age as Dimitri and Drake are in the Eververse series, about 300 years old.

If any more Dragons show up, then yes, we will write more, but so far its just been the lot that we started with... they are a closed bunch...

February 26th, 2008, 05:02 PM
I guess I had him pegged for a teenager . Oh 5 how exciting! So far do you have any fav's to write?

February 26th, 2008, 06:31 PM
Well Char and Kael live with Audra, Spiria and Myst are mine and so is Perrin... so I think i like Perrin the best so far. Myst is complicated, and Spiria has tortured me into learning botany... i tell you this is a hard book to write...

February 26th, 2008, 07:04 PM
yes I would think botany would be hard to get into-eeekkk I love flowers and plants don't get me wrong but not enough to learn all of the scientific names for them :plant: . How do you and Audra smooth out the lines where one of you writes and the other picks up? Do you each work on the same book or do you stick to your characters only?

February 26th, 2008, 07:25 PM
OOh thats an easy question! Audra and i write characters not sections. For the dragons, Audra and Char, while i was Alcyone... and Shes Kael while im Bryn. it always works that way so each character has their own personality and we stay in character.

February 26th, 2008, 10:40 PM
That's a neat concept Stella. I always wondered how authors that co-wrote stories worked on their books.

February 26th, 2008, 11:28 PM
its a stretch with Audra and I because she lives in scotland and Im in NY so we kinda have to play it like a Role Play because we dont have the choice of actually working together.

February 26th, 2008, 11:34 PM
I thought you lived in the same state!! WOW.

February 26th, 2008, 11:50 PM
That is a stretch, but it seems like it could be fun.

February 27th, 2008, 12:15 AM
I wish we lived in the same state... hell i wish we lived in the same country. Alas, its not to be. Audra was born in Scotland, and I was born here *we share a dad* and shes Scotland through and through.

February 27th, 2008, 12:20 AM
I was going to be nosey and ask how y'all were related, but I thought it might not be proper (I can be really nosey sometimes...LOL). But that's cool though. At least you could go visit her once in a while or vice versa.

February 27th, 2008, 12:22 AM
that gives you a great reason to visit! The stories are seamless you guys have a wonderful way of telling them the characters are great

February 27th, 2008, 12:53 AM
LOL yeah but do you guys have any idea how EXPENSIVE it is to go to scotland and vice versa? its crazy!

February 27th, 2008, 10:27 AM
Oh I bet!!

February 27th, 2008, 12:06 PM
It can be pretty pricey.

February 27th, 2008, 12:22 PM
Yeah its about a grand for me to fly round trip...