View Full Version : What is your favorite sci-fi TV program?

Shelley Munro
February 28th, 2008, 10:17 PM
My all time favorite is Firefly. I just love that series, although I only saw it for the first time last year. Hubby and I devoured the DVDs and I think we're due for another screening. We're working our way through Season 2 of Medium at the moment.

I also like Lost in Space. The plots are a bit silly but they always make me laugh. Doctor Smith is so selfish and such a coward.


February 28th, 2008, 10:56 PM
Supernatural would definitely be a favourite of mine. Ghost Whisperer is another good show.

February 29th, 2008, 05:35 PM
All time favourite is Babylon 5.

The characters were great. I was never neutral about any of them. Many of them grew a great deal during the series.

Some major characters died during the series. That's something we rarely see on TV and I don't believe that's a good thing.

I also liked that it dealt with important questions of ethics without getting them right in your face. What's good? What's evil? How do you deal with both? I wish more shows did this.

Best of all, there was a very definite story arc. The outline didn't become clear until Season Three. And the hints the show gave were at times truly scary. The first time they showed a ship from 'The Bad Guys' I literally jumped out of my seat saying, "WTF was that? Don't tell me. I don't wanna know." Brrrr.

I have the whole series on DVD and I watch them about once a year.

Here's my favourite scene. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S0n2vurSBIQ) :biggrin:

Shelley Munro
February 29th, 2008, 09:57 PM
I'd forgotten about Supernatural and Ghost Whisperer. I can't wait for the new seasons to start down here in NZ. I also like Medium.

Rob - I've never watched Babylon. I watched the clip but couldn't get the sound to work for some reason. I'll check out the DVDs next time I visit my favorite shop.


February 29th, 2008, 11:40 PM
I would add both the Stargate and Stargate Atlantis, Eureka, and Sarah Conner-the new Terminator series to the list too.

Shelley Munro
March 1st, 2008, 05:24 PM
Hi Cathy,

It's great to see you here. You know I've never watched Stargate or Stargate Atlantis. I have no idea why since I've heard so many great things about this show.

Are the other two fairly recent shows? I haven't heard of them but it takes ages for new shows to make it down to NZ. We still haven't seen Torchwood. :hissyfit:


March 1st, 2008, 05:38 PM
Eureka is on the Sci-Fi channel. It was around in the Fall for it's second season and was pretty quirky. The setting is a town where the smartest scientific minds in the world live and work. Lots of high tech gadgets and inovations show up, with side effects that have to be dealt with by the town sheriff, who is one of the "normal" ones.

The Sarah Chronicles just started in February, with the plot showing how Sarah, her son John, and a female robot sent back from the future, try to prevent the advanced computer network, that eventually took over the world, from ever being created. I am a big Terminator movie fan, and the tv show recreates a lot of the scenes from the first two movies.

Shelley Munro
March 2nd, 2008, 08:07 PM

They both sound great. I'll watch for them.